Saint Bartholomew’s Day in Mexico: Why on August 24 the legend says that the Devil “let loose”

The Saint Bartholomew’s Day It is commemorated in Mexico every August 24 of each year; This day is accompanied by a traditional Mexican legend that has spread by word of mouth, mainly among the veteran generations who believe that the days August 23 and 24 the devil “let go”, that is to say, that he comes out of the chains that have him tied to hell, so precautions must be taken, in AS Mexico We will tell you in detail what people have told over the years.

Who is Saint Bartholomew?

San Bartolomé or better known as San Bartolo, was one of the 12 apostles of Jesus, who according to the Christian religion celebrates his day on August 24, since on this date his murder was carried out; religious legend tells that he was found with his skin ripped off, which was removed while he was alive, so the pain caused his slow death, after his tragic murder it led to the decision to canonize him and since then every year there is a day to commemorate him.

Why is August 24 feared in Mexico?

The legend that is known in Mexico and other regions of Latin America, says that on Saint Bartholomew’s Day, during the 24 hours that it lasts, it is believed that “The devil is loose”, and history says the apostle Saint Bartholomew, He was killed because they envied him, since he had extreme wealth and owned large valleys, mainly the Chicama Valley, which unleashed a strong envy of the devil.

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The war of riches and envy caused the Devil and San Bartolome they will challenge each other to a race, which was very well arranged, so either of them could lose, so San Bartolo entrusted himself to God, to the extent that minutes later he gave him a great advantage and the Devil was further behind, at Noticing the big difference, he wanted to do a feat to recover the rhythm but fell into a river and drowned, for this reason, the Devil was even more enraged and since then he seeks revenge every August 24 to collect that competition he lost.

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Origin of the phrase “the devil is on the loose”

The Christian religion points out that every August 24, in the Saint Bartholomew’s Day, “The devil is loose”, According to the belief, the Devil comes out of hiding to take revenge since good will always be victorious. The origin of the phrase is that from 11 p.m. on the 23rd until the end of the 24th of August, negative things begin to happen from the actions of citizens to meteorological phenomena.

Beliefs of August 24, when “the Devil is on the loose”

  • People who enter caves stay trapped for many years and the day they come out again the person will not age but the lives of their family and friends will be ahead, or else it could be the other way around
  • The Christian religion has the belief that in communities or towns the Devil disguises himself as a man and conquers women
  • Some people prefer not to eat corn, since it is said that the “pericón”, a herb that is used to boil them, loses its flavor

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