Who is Ernesto Zedillo Jr, father of Erika Buenfil’s son

Who is Ernesto Zedillo Jr, father of Erika Buenfil’s son
Who is Ernesto Zedillo Jr, father of Erika Buenfil’s son

Nicholasson of Erika Buenfil, had his first meeting with his biological father, Ernesto Zedillo Jr. The actress had a fleeting romance with the businessman, son of the former president of Mexico, Ernest Zedillo.

“They don’t have much contact, but they already met… I was with a friend on a diet and then she told me ‘Come with me to eat’ (…) then, We are in the restaurant, a call comes in and (Nicolás) tells me ‘Mom is trying to contact me, that she wants to meet me, she says that she is coming home,’” Buenfil narrated on the Isabel Lascurain program.

Zedillo Jr withdrew from the life of Erika Buenfil When she found out that she was pregnant, although she promised to support her, for 17 years the young man had not had contact with them, a situation that was hard for the singer, but this 2022 things changed for Nicolás.

“I told him the other day (that he found out about the pregnancy) and well he didn’t want to, he said: ‘Any decision you make let me know, but I’m not ready’. At that time I was also very young, I caught it very young, ” said the actress.


Nicolás’s reaction to meeting his biological father

Nicholas and Ernesto Zedillo They met for the first time at Erika Buenfil’s house, a situation that was pleasant for the young man.

“When I arrived he was gone… I entered through the garage and Nicolás sits on the stairs and tells me ‘Mom, no mam*s, It’s just that what an impact’, he tells me and I ask him how he felt and he tells me that he took a photo.

“The first thing he did was show it off at school. For him it was a very good thing, it was like shaking off and saying ‘Yes, that person exists’. The best thing about the situation is that the kids from his school all they did was like saying ‘Ah, that’s good’, for them it was something normal, “he continued.

Who is Ernesto Zedillo Jr?

ANDErnesto Zedillo Jr. is the son of former Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de León. (1994 to 2000) and Nilda Patricia Velasco. He has three brothers. He studied architecture at the Anahuac University, among his works as an architect he is known for the Veracruz Tower and a tourism megaproject in Cozumel, Quintana Roo.

Zedillo married the journalist Rebeca Sáenz in 2005 in Los Cabos, Mexico; youThey have two teenage daughters, Isabella and Victoria. Nicolás follows them through Instagram, but it is unknown if he has contact with his half-sisters.

Who are the sisters of Nicolas, son of Erika Buenfil?

isabella zedillo he was born months after his parents got married and the same year he was born Nicholasso they are only four months apart. Victory he was born a year later. She has a great connection with her sister.

Erika Buenfil shares moments of the trip with her son, Nicolás

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