Johnny Depp is dating one of the lawyers who defended him, says website

Joelle Rich and Johnny Depp in May 2022 (Photo: Getty Images)

Johnny Depp would be dating one of his lawyers in his defamation case, but it wouldn’t be Camille Vasquezas there were rumors, according to the TMZ. According to the publication, the lawyer is called Joelle Rich and represented him in the UK trial, which he lost (in 2020, the actor lost a lawsuit he brought against the newspaper The Sun, who called him a ‘wife beater’). Also according to the site, the two are together and Joelle is getting divorced. She and her ex-husband have two children.

Joelle was not part of the Virginia trial team in the US that defeated Amber Heardbut she was present in court for “support”, according to the Us Weeklywho broke the story.

Many people who watched the trial in Virginia became convinced that Johnny and Camille were together, something that angered Camille, who would have called the speculation “sexist”. As for Joelle, she is a lawyer from the UK. Her biography says she “works to defend her reputation [dos clientes] against false and defamatory allegations in print, online, and social media.” The biography further says that she has “special experience in protecting individuals’ privacy from unwarranted intrusions and media attention.”

The actor’s defense in the Virginia trial involved 9 lawyers, but Camille Vasquez stood out on social media, who drew attention for interrogating Amber Heard in an incisive and sometimes aggressive manner. According to The Tab website, Camille graduated from law school in 2010, and Depp’s lawsuit was her first case involving celebrities. She specializes in representing the accusing party in defamation proceedings.

Since winning the case against Amber Heard, the actor has slowly returned to public life, including starring in brand campaigns. With the end of the legal battle, Amber was ordered to pay US$ 10 million (equivalent to R$ 47 million at the current price) in damages to her ex-husband. The seven-person jury also ruled that Depp, through his attorney Adam Waldman, defamed Heard on one of three counts in his lawsuit; she will receive $2 million.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard (Photo: Getty Images)

FAIRFAX, VA - MAY 3: (NY & NJ NEWSPAPERS OUT) Johnny Depp look at his smartphone with his UK legal Counsel Joelle Rich during an afternoon recess outside court during the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard civil trial at Fairfax County Circuit Court on May 3 afternoon , 20 (Photo: Getty Images)

Johnny Depp and Joelle Rich (Photo: Getty Images)

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