Nominated for the 3voor12 Award: Philou Louzolo

Nominated for the 3voor12 Award: Philou Louzolo
Nominated for the 3voor12 Award: Philou Louzolo

In the Netherlands, African dance floor genres such as afrohouse, afrotech and amapiano have been buzzing for some time now, and we can now speak of a broad breakthrough. If we saw at Amsterdam Dance Event 2021 that the Netherlands craved for those sounds, Lowlands was fully committed to amapiano this year, this weekend hosted a gigantic amapiano event for the first time in AFAS Live (!) and there are a few Dutch DJs who have developed into ardent advocates of those genres. And one of the most fiery, as we saw many times this year, surely Philou Louzolo.

African Goldthe debut album that the Rotterdam DJ/producer released this year, is his mission statement: a celebration of his roots (in Sierra Leone, Congo and Nigeria), an ode to the African continent and the music that comes from it: from sultry afropop with a look at Burna Boy (one of his great heroes) to amapiano, from afrotech and afrohouse to Innervisions-like house (but a bit more tribal) and the modest dance floor hit ‘Senegal’, a tribal techno record with acid and rousing vocal chants .

As a result, it sometimes feels like a compilation album: he collaborated with 18 (!) producers / vocalists from the African diaspora, spread over all corners of the world, from Portuguese kuduro producer DJ Danifox to afro house hype AMÉMÉ from Benin. There’s a brooding afrotech tune with Kususa, a duo from , and he loses himself in hot-blooded deephouse with MoMaReady, a producer from the Paradise Garage’s hometown. Because that is too African Gold: an album that celebrates the black roots of dance and safely counts house and techno among the African gold.

Do you know what’s behind it? Then you understand that African Gold is a very ambitious record, which he also wrote in a period in which he struggled heavily with alcohol and drug use, as he explained in detail in this candid interview. Since then he has risen again, as an enthusiastic advocate of the afro sound, and as a DJ with a higher goal, one who wants to bring amapiano to the big stages in the Netherlands, and who can convince the Innervisions crowd that the deep sound of afrotech really doesn’t go that far. away from the deadly serious techno of that label. Listen to African Gold and you completely understand all those cross-connections.

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