10 curious inventions presented at CES 2023

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CES 2023 Exhibit Pavilion in Las Vegas, Nevada

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the largest technology fair in the world and, as in every year, it brought several innovations to the sector, surprising the public with new ways of using technology that had not been seen before.

Check out 10 highlights of curious innovations released at CES 2023.

Therapeutic Instrument


The CRDL is a therapeutic instrument that works with meaningful connections, essential for those with physical or cognitive disabilities, in order to improve the emotional experience. The instrument works based on touch, as the movement is performed, the device emits different sounds.

Bionic exoskeleton suits


German Bionic presented at CES a suit capable of “revolutionizing safety in the workplace”, which can reduce pain and injuries. The exoskeleton is having a great success and the German company wants to test the suit on people with limited mobility or reduced body mobility.

Virtual Tours


Beeyonder is a startup that created a curation of tour guides to carry out virtual tours in different destinations, usually this is an experience that a friend or family member provides for a special person who could not be present on the tour. The company’s idea is to “help expand the traditional definition of travel”, being able to take a personalized and intimate journey for people from different places.

Zero flavor air vape


Student Brendan Wang wanted to quit smoking, but after several failed attempts he had the idea of ​​creating something to make up for the lack of cigarettes, thus CAPNOS Zero was born. The product works like a vape with pressurized flavored air, the company has already sold more than 20,000 units and about 75% of customers have already given up nicotine.

Roland Piano with Drone Surround Sound


Japanese brand Roland has created a concept piano model to commemorate the company’s 50th anniversary. During CES 2023 they presented a piano that includes drones with speakers that create a surround sound effect, which caught the attention of many people who had not seen drones for sonic displays before.

Autonomous Transport Vehicle


The HOLON is an autonomous public transport vehicle with capacity for 15 people per trip, the forecast is that tests will be carried out in Germany later this year and by 2025 it will be working in the United States. HOLON will be tested in private institutions such as campuses, airports and national parks.

Agrist Harvester Robot


The Japanese startup AGRIST has developed a harvesting robot that works based on Artificial Intelligence, being able to automatically identify and harvest ready-made peppers. The creation gained prominence in the agrotechnology sector and took the CES 2023 Innovation Award in the robotics category.

Tatamel Icoma


Icoma Tatamel is an e-bike that mimics the shape of a suitcase that will be launched in 2023, the company that developed the project is improving the range, speed, wheel size and cost of the bike.


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The U-Scan, developed by the American company Withings, is a 90 millimeter device capable of monitoring the user’s health through urine. It can be inserted anywhere in the toilet, it has a disposable cartridge and a thermal sensor reader. The idea arose because urine has a lot of information about health on a daily basis and this collection format is less invasive than a blood test or tests that use the traditional pot.

Aska Flying Car


Almost all editions of CES have a concept of a flying car, this model gained prominence because it changes shape to fit in a regular parking space, a strategy that the creators claim is intentional.

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