“Today is an incredible day,” says Lukas Dhont after the Oscar nomination

“Today is an incredible day,” says Lukas Dhont after the Oscar nomination
“Today is an incredible day,” says Lukas Dhont after the Oscar nomination

Close was just nominated for an Oscar for best foreign language film. “It’s an incredible day today,” says director Lukas Dhont in a first reaction.

Close, Belgium.’ Actors Allison Williams and Riz Ahmed spoke redeeming words on Tuesday afternoon, at the announcement of the nominees for the Oscars that will be awarded on March 12. Lukas Dhont’s film then has a chance to win the statuette for ‘best international film’. In that category takes Close against the German film All quiet on the Western frontthe Argentine film Argentina, 1985, EO from Poland and Irish cinema The quiet girl.

“Today is an incredible day,” the director said. ‘For us, but also for the Belgian cinema that has come out with such diverse and beautiful work in the past year. At this very moment, the Sundance Festival is underway, with Belgian films being embraced again. In recent months I have felt how people abroad come to me and ask: what’s happening in Belgium? What’s in the water there? We are a country in which we challenge and embrace each other. We have different generations that are all doing amazing things with their own voice. Besides the fact that we are all proud of our work and the film, I am proud of what we are doing in our own country.’

The director also thanked his brother Michiel, who co-produced the film. “This is the first film we make together, but hopefully not the last. And hopefully not the last Oscar nomination. It’s someone I’ve been making movies with since we were eight or nine years old. I couldn’t have done this without his support, professionally and otherwise. So I’m happy to be able to do this with someone who’s been with me since the beginning.”

This is the country’s eighth Oscar nomination. It goes without saying that I am incredibly grateful to everyone who has paved the way for us a little bit,’ says Dhont. And I’m going to do everything I can to get as far as possible. I strongly believe in this movie. I hope you too and you can’t help it when I say I’m going to give everything for it (laughs). But I’m going to need you all. It will only succeed if we all believe in it equally, if we only look ahead. If we put all our energy towards Close send. I hope we can celebrate together soon.’

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