Reward of 30,000 euros for golden tip murder Zwijndrecht

Reward of 30,000 euros for golden tip murder Zwijndrecht
Reward of 30,000 euros for golden tip murder Zwijndrecht

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The Public Prosecution Service is offering 30,000 euros to anyone who comes up with the golden tip that leads to the location and arrest of the suspect in the fatal shooting in Zwijndrecht. That was announced in the TV program Discovery Requested.

A manhunt has been going on since Saturday for the man suspected of shooting his ex-partner and her mother in a shopping center parking lot. The 66-year-old mother died on the spot, her 38-year-old daughter was seriously injured. She is still in a critical condition in the hospital.

A day after the shooting, the police distributed the name and photo of the suspect. It concerns 49-year-old Minh Nghia Vuong, who lived in Rotterdam. He is suspected of murder and attempted murder.

Getaway car

After the shooting, Vuong fled in a car that was later found a few kilometers from the mall. The car he then drove on in was found today in Rotterdam. The police tracked down that car thanks to tips from local residents.

The more than a hundred tips that have been received so far have not yet led to the arrest of the suspect. The police suspect that he is reaching out to people in his network “to provide things like shelter, food and means to stay out of sight of the police”.

Vuong’s description has also been distributed internationally. “In this way we ensure that everyone is looking out for him. It will be difficult for him to hide in certain places,” the police said earlier.

Serious criminal

Vuong is described as a serious criminal who has several crimes to his credit. In 2015, he and two other men committed a violent robbery of a money runner in a shopping center in Zoetermeer. The man was also involved in an attempted robbery in the Alexandrium shopping center in Rotterdam and was preparing for other robberies, according to documents from the court in The Hague.

A crowdfunding campaign has now started. With the proceeds, the initiators say they want to pay for the funeral of the 66-year-old woman and the rehabilitation costs of the seriously injured victim.

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