Joint venture between Casa dos Ventos and TotalEnergies receives endorsement from Cade

Joint venture between Casa dos Ventos and TotalEnergies receives endorsement from Cade
Joint venture between Casa dos Ventos and TotalEnergies receives endorsement from Cade

BRASÍLIA — The Administrative Council for Economic Defense (Cade) approved the formation of a joint venture valued at BRL 12.6 billion between Casa dos Ventos, a Brazilian renewable energy company, and the French multinational TotalEnergies.

According to the companies, the transaction is the largest in the Brazilian renewable energy market and moved R$ 4.2 billion between contributions and debt assumption.

The arrival of the new investor partner had been announced in October last year. TotalEnergies now owns 34% of Casa dos Ventos’ power generation segment.

Lucas Araripe, executive director of Casa dos Ventos says that the partnership with TotalEnergies expands the capacity to operate in new frontiers such as hydrogen, ammonia and offshore wind.

“The new company makes our energy more competitive and enables a faster expansion of our generation arm. In addition to providing new capital, the partnership strengthens our credit capacity, in addition to expanding our client portfolio”.

Casa dos Ventos has a pre-contract with the Pecém Port Complex (CIPP), in Ceará, for the installation of a manufacturing unit for the production of hydrogen and green ammonia. The project, in partnership with Comerc Eficiência, is scheduled to start operating in 2026.

new structure

With the operation completed, Casa dos Ventos is now organized into two companies.

The generation company, with Total’s participation, will be responsible for the construction and operation of renewable energy projects.

The development company will be dedicated to prospecting opportunities and preparing projects greenfield. This remains fully linked to the current shareholders and will be responsible for supplying new projects to leverage the joint venture of generation.

Total projects 9 GW of offshore wind in Brazil

One of the largest Western oil and gas producers, TotalEnergies is developing 9 GW of offshore wind generation capacity off the coast of Brazil. There are three distribution parks in Ceará, Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul.

It joins the giants Equinor and Shell, also in the oil and gas segment, but with energy transition strategies and an increase in the renewable energy portfolio.

The total power is distributed in the wind farms Sopros do Ceará, Sopros do RJ and Sopros do RS, each with 200 wind turbines of 15 MW, totaling 3 GW of installed power.

TotalEnergies is involved in a portfolio of 6 GW in offshore wind farms abroad, a third of which is in parks with floating wind turbines — the segment started with fixed-bottom towers. They are doing business in the United Kingdom, South Korea, Taiwan and France, where the company is headquartered.


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