TIMEMANIA 1912: Today’s result is out, Saturday, 03/18; prize of BRL 6.5 million

TIMEMANIA 1912: Today’s result is out, Saturday, 03/18; prize of BRL 6.5 million
TIMEMANIA 1912: Today’s result is out, Saturday, 03/18; prize of BRL 6.5 million

This Saturday (18/03), the Box Federal Economic held another drawing of the timemania. Namely, the contest 1912 of this modality was held in São Paulo, at 20:00, today. At first, the contest prize is estimated at R$6.5 million.

At first, Timemania is the lottery for football lovers. In addition to your guess being worth a hefty sum, you also help your favorite team.

According to Caixa, the bettor can choose ten numbers among the eighty available and a Heart Team. Seven numbers and one Team of the Heart are drawn per contest. If you get three to seven hits, or hit the favorite team, you win.

In addition, it is also worth noting that the system chooses the numbers for you (Surpresinha) or competes with the same bet for 3, 6, 9, or 12 consecutive draws through Teimosinha.

Result of Timemania contest 1912 this Saturday, 03/18

A Timemania 1912 was drawn around 20:00. The winning numbers can be seen below:

01 – 62 – 74 – 25 – 52 – 71 – 20


O Timemania’s 1912 contest offers the amount of R$6.5 million in the main prize to the player who manages to match the 7 balls drawn.

There is no winning bet in this competition timemania in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize brackets, including in draws of 0 or 5, the prize(s) accumulate(s) for the subsequent contest, in the 1st prize bracket – bets with 7 correct numbers.

How to bet on Timemania 1912?

A Timemania 1912 bet it can be done in person at a lottery house or online, via the website or the app (available for Android and iOS), until 7 pm today according to Brasilia time.

Us timemania contests 7 dozens are drawn, ranging from 01 to 80, in addition to the favorite team, also with 80 possibilities. However, there is only one type of bet, which consists of choosing 10 numbers plus a favorite team, which costs BRL 3.

In this sense, to bet, you have to choose ten numbers among 80 that are available for marking on the steering wheel. So, to complete the game, one must choose the Heart Team. This will directly influence the funds to be received by clubs.

In online betting, in addition to Timemania, it is possible to play in other modalities, such as Quina, Mega-Sena, Super Sete, Dupla Sena, Lotomania, Lotofácil, Dia de Sorte, among others.

See how to withdraw your prize

First of all, know that you can redeem the prize from Timemania 1912 at a lottery house or at a Caixa Econômica Federal bank branch. Incidentally, this will directly depend on the amount you have to receive.

When the prize does not exceed 1900 reais, you can withdraw it at a lottery store. However, when you have more to receive than this amount, it can only be withdrawn at a Caixa Econômica Federal bank branch.

In addition, it is essential to take an identity document with a photo, CPF and also proof of payment of your bet. Yeah, he’s the one who defines whether or not you have the right to receive.

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