7 Best Free Texting Apps for iPhone and Android

7 Best Free Texting Apps for iPhone and Android
7 Best Free Texting Apps for iPhone and Android

Your phone comes with a built-in texting app, but you might not always want to use it SMS texting uses your wireless plan, which can cost you money especially when roaming internationally There are a plethora of free texting apps that can use WiFi instead or have benefits Others bypass the standard text messaging app on your phone.

The businessinsider website, which specializes in technology news, revealed seven of the best options available for both iPhone and Android, as follows:

The WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular texting app with over 2 billion users, which means if you need to text someone, there’s a very good chance you can use WhatsApp on iOS or Android. Among its many features, WhatsApp supports text messages, photos, videos, file transfers, voice messages, and video chat for free. It also does this with full end-to-end encryption. And since you can have group chats with up to 256 participants or video calls with up to four people, it can accommodate a lot of communication scenarios.


Viber is not well known in the US, which means you may have a hard time convincing other users to install it on their iOS or Android device. However, it is an all-in-one text messaging app that can handle a full range of communication needs. You can use it for text chats with up to 250 users simultaneously, as well as make audio and video calls with up to 40 participants simultaneously. Viber features full end-to-end encryption for all text messages and calls, and you can exchange secret keys with select contacts to improve security. With a Viber Out subscription, you can also use the app to make calls to any landline or mobile number, even if that person doesn’t have a Viber account.


Messenger is a Facebook messaging service, although it’s a standalone app for iOS and Android, and you don’t even need to be a Facebook user to take advantage of it. However, it is gaining a lot of its popularity due to its association with Facebook and the fact that it is suitable for messaging while using the social media platform. Messenger supports group text messages with up to 150 users simultaneously, and you can also send audio and video messages. And while conversations aren’t encrypted by default, you can switch to Messenger’s “secret” mode, which applies end-to-end encryption to your text messages.


Telegram focuses almost exclusively on text messaging, with less focus on video chats. It supports almost unlimited number of users – you can send text messages to up to 200,000 users at once. While Telegram is not end-to-end encrypted out of the box, you can send secret chats that self-destruct after a set time, so there is no log of them on your iOS or Android device. You can of course send images, files and audio with text. You can have any one-on-one video chat, but group chats can only be upgraded to audio calls.


While many texting services, in recent years, have added end-to-end encryption, Signal has made the switch to text, voice, and video chats from the start. It is also run by a non-profit organization that has no stated interest in reselling your private data, and the app does not contain any ads. This all adds up to Signal being an excellent choice for secure, private, and secure texting. Although available for iOS and Android, Android users have an additional advantage: you can configure Signal to replace the phone’s default messaging app as the default text app, although only conversations with other Signal users will be encrypted.

text now

Signing up for TextNow means you can use your phone (iOS or Android) even without a traditional wireless data plan When you sign up, TextNow sends you a SIM card for your phone that gives you voice and text over its cellular network, using your own phone number, for free. This makes TextNow a great choice for a spare phone or phone to give to your child. This doesn’t give you any data, so you’ll still need WiFi to use normal apps. But TextNow gives you the basics including texting for free, although the TextNow app will host banner ads to pay bills.

text +

TextNow can give you Text+ voice calls and text messages on iOS and Android. Unlike TextNow, which sends you a SIM card, Text+ uses your phone’s WiFi network, which you’ll need for Text+ to work. You get unlimited free phone number and text and your outgoing voice calls cost $0.02 per minute (incoming calls are free).

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