Central – Strida Geagea on an inspection visit to two projects in Bcharre

Central – Strida Geagea on an inspection visit to two projects in Bcharre
Central – Strida Geagea on an inspection visit to two projects in Bcharre

Representative Strida Geagea paid an inspection field visit to the projects of the Lake Kafra lake wall and Antoine El Khoury Malakah Tawk – Bcharre Governmental Hospital, accompanied by the Vice President of the Jabal Al-Arz Foundation, Dr. Laila Geagea, the Foundation’s chosen treasurer, Fadi Chidiac, and a member of the Foundation’s General Assembly, Engineer Nadim Salameh.

The delegation was received at Bekaa Kafra Lake by the head of the Union of Municipalities of the Bcharre District, Elie Makhlouf, the owner of the “standard group” company, the contractor Mark Ghawi, accompanied by the director in the company, Serge Bou Haidar, and the project supervisor, Halim Lahoud, Secretary of the Coordination of the “Lebanese Forces” in the Bcharbel Makhlouf area. and a number of workers.

Representative Geagea assured the audience, after touring that she was acquainted with the good progress of works, that she will never compromise on the issue of quality of work, because this project, despite being very important for securing water for farmers in Bekaa Kafra, without which they cannot develop and invest their agricultural lands, and the lake will become a destination. In terms of tourism, the people can benefit from it and thus stay rooted in their land, but this project also has another incision of equal importance, which is the safety of the people in the town from any collapse, God forbid, for the lake, and therefore the quality of work in this context is very important so that the construction of this wall that MP Geagea sponsored A final and radical solution to this imminent danger to our people in Bekaa Kafra.

After visiting Beheira, MP Geagea and the accompanying delegation moved to Antoine El Khoury, Queen of Tawk Bsharri Governmental Hospital, where they were received by former MP Joseph Ishak, the hospital’s chairman, Dr. Antoine Geagea, head of the “Lebanese Forces” center in the city of Bcharre, Rene Al-Najjar, Ali Hajj Al-Khatib for the consultant in the hospital rehabilitation project, the “Khatib and Alami” company, and the site manager, the representative of the “Abniah” company, Ghaith Nassif. Representative Geagea toured the project, inspecting the good progress of work, as work is underway today to treat the square, which is supposed to be a parking lot next to the hospital, from the issue of water infusion to the hospital’s lower floors, and stopped at length at the project to build the support wall to protect the hospital from any rockslide. In the future, she stressed that this project, which we are in the process of completing today, we wanted to be a sustainable project, not a temporary one. For this reason, we did not only complete the equipment of the hospital, but we stopped for a long time when rehabilitating the building, strengthening it and turning it into an earthquake-resistant building. Today, we are protecting it from any possible landslide in the future. . She pointed out that everyone is wondering why we do everything we do in the hospital, but the answer is that we are from the school of continuity, so you can see us not submitting to a project without ensuring its continuity and continuity. Representative Geagea asked the site manager to work on matching speed with quality in completing the work, because we are in a mountainous area where we can only work for six months a year.

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