Rock in Rio returns to Brazil after a three-year hiatus

Rock in Rio returns to Brazil after a three-year hiatus
Rock in Rio returns to Brazil after a three-year hiatus

The prominent “Rock in Rio” festival in Rio de Janeiro returned on Friday, with concerts by Canadian singer Justin Bieber, British pop star and British band Coldplay, while its seven-day activities are expected to attract about 700,000 spectators.
The festival was suspended during the past three years due to the “Covid-19” pandemic, which affected Brazil greatly.
“It’s time for us to meet again after the pandemic,” said Roberto Medina, the festival’s founder, at a press conference held at the Olympic Complex for the 2016 Olympics, where concerts are held. “The actual life is not the one we live behind screens, but when we meet in person,” he added.
It is expected that the festival, in its twenty-second session and taking place for the ninth time in Brazil, after being organized in Portugal, Spain and the United States, will attract about one hundred thousand spectators in each of its seven days.
Similar to its previous sessions, the artists participating in the festival were selectively chosen, while metal music is present at the festival to the same extent as pop, hip-hop, Brazilian music and funk carioca.
A large part of Friday’s concerts were devoted to metal music with British bands “Irene Maiden”, American “Dream Theater”, French “Gojira” and Brazilian “Sepultura”, which have participated in almost all the festival sessions since 1991.
The concerts are distributed among eight shows, including “New Dance Order” dedicated to electronic music and “Espaceo Favela” and it is revived by young people from the poor neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro, with a decor that highlights the features of these neighborhoods.
Attendees will also enjoy several effects, including a zipline that runs directly above the main stage.
A number of international stars will participate in the festival, including American Post Malone, Cuban-American Camila Cabello and American Megan The Stallion, in addition to Brazilian singers such as Isa and Yvette Sangallo and the rap group Pro Mix.
The festival sheds light on the Amazon forest by displaying in one of the halls panoramic images highlighting the largest tropical forest in the world, which was severely damaged by the fires that affected it.
Since 2011, the festival has been held in Rio de Janeiro once every two years, but the 2021 session has been postponed for one year due to the pandemic that has killed more than 680,000 people in Brazil.

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