Riyadh Newspaper | MBC accompanies the 92nd Saudi National Day celebrations

In celebration of the 92nd Saudi National Day, the “MBC Group” raises the slogan “Hilna Aldar” through a rich and varied program content, consisting of a live broadcast on September 23 on MBC1 from various regions of the Kingdom and throughout the day. Throughout the daylight hours until midnight, MBC1 broadcasts live coverage from various regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through a series of events held on the ground with field correspondents spread across Saudi regions and cities, and broadcast to viewers from the main studio in Riyadh with each of the presenters, Taghreed Al-Huwaish, Hajar Abdel Allah, Malik Al-Ruqi, Yasser Al-Amr, Sami Jamil and Youssef Al-Ghanami. In addition, the coverage is witnessing a follow-up to the political, economic, sports, social, cultural and other files.

In parallel, the huge operetta “Laylat Watan – Hama Tuwaiq” will be shown with a constellation of stars of Saudi art and singing, Dalia Mubarak, Ayed Youssef, Abdul Aziz Al-Maa’a, Fahd Al-Omari and Zina Emad, in addition to a concert by the Almighty Abadi Al-Juhu and artist Ahlam on September 24 .

The coverage of the Saudi National Day includes various stations, starting with the movie “The Unification Journey”, which deals with the emergence and unification of Saudi Arabia, starting from the era of King Abdulaziz Al Saud, all the way to King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and his Crown Prince, His Highness Prince Muhammad bin Salman. This is followed by stations that highlight political, economic, sports and cultural files, as well as various paragraphs that receive a group of guests, in addition to stations that stop at Saudi investments and the Investment Fund, the most prominent achievements and projects under Vision 2030, and the role of poetry and poems in the founding stage, in addition to covering events and parties. established in the Kingdom.

On the other hand, one of the reports highlights the Kingdom’s fingerprints in international politics, the establishment of more than one alliance, the convening of a group of summits and the leadership of the twenty in the Corona stage, in addition to a review of Saudi Arabia’s history in supporting Arab and Islamic issues, as well as the economic file where it shines on the Public Investment Fund And Saudi projects and great support for the industrial sector in the light of Vision 2030.

In addition, another report monitors the issue of the Asir renaissance with the vision of the Crown Prince and the efforts made during the past years, in addition to the achievement of a number of achievements, including the opening of the new university city and other development projects. Last but not least, coverage stops at various issues such as empowering women, achievements and qualitative leaps in the fields of sports and others, and ends with interviews with residents and expatriates who express their feeling of belonging to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which they consider their homeland.

It is noteworthy that the coverage of the Saudi National Day 92 will be shown on September 23 from 1 pm Riyadh time until midnight on MBC1.

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