Morocco newspaper | The national team: Today is a friendly test with Comoros before the match with Brazil

Morocco newspaper | The national team: Today is a friendly test with Comoros before the match with Brazil
Morocco newspaper | The national team: Today is a friendly test with Comoros before the match with Brazil

There is no doubt that the readiness of the international names for the upcoming dates is the obsession of the national coach, Jalal Al-Qadri, especially with the beginning of the countdown to the start of the adventure in the World Cup in Qatar in the coming months of November and December.

Especially in the presence of a discrepancy in the format of matches between a number of professional names in the old continent and the rest of Qadri, all hope that the level will be close in order to expand before him the margin of choice in the formalities…
On this basis, the national football team will play its first friendly match against the Comoros national team in Paris today at 3:30 in the afternoon at the “Omnispor-Croati-sur-Seine” stadium, as part of its preparatory wait, which continues until the 27th of September, the date of its second friendly confrontation with the Brazilian national team in The Flame of Princes Park in Paris will conclude after that the second phase of preparations to participate in the Qatar finals before the next wait, which will be staged in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, at the invitation of the decision-makers in the Saudi Football Association. Especially after today’s friendly, he will continue his training in the same place until the 27th of this month, the date of his match with Neymar’s teammates.
Valerie … joins the Eagles
After a few days of succeeding in attracting the promising player Shim Jebali, the technical committee for following up on Tunisian talents outside the borders continues its efforts to ensure that the national team benefits from players who grew up and received their training and practice the round witch in the old continent. Yan Valéry, player of the French team Ange and the former international player in the youth categories of the French national team, from a French father and a Tunisian mother, chose Tunisia and signed the necessary documents according to which he officially belongs to the Tunisian team, and put himself at the disposal of the technical framework and the Tunisian team unconditionally.
In coordination with the national voter and his club, the aforementioned player joined yesterday the national team’s training headquarters in France, which will continue until the 27th of this month, to have his first handshake with his colleagues in the Carthage Eagles.
Valery represented the roosters team for the first time when he received an invitation to join the French under-17 team in the first stage in October 2015, then in the under-18 category, in March 2017, and has so far scored 8 international matches with the France national team, according to the global “Transfer Market” website. .
The 23-year-old Jan Valéry was close to playing the Olympic team for France at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, before he was excluded from the list at the last moment; Because of his lack of participation with his team Southampton in the English .
Qadri responds to criticism
Jalal Al-Qadri, the coach of the national team, confirmed in media statements that he is convinced of the list of players he invited in the current wait for the Comoros and Brazil matches, adding that he accepts all criticism of his choices, and that most of them were acceptable and important.
Al-Qadri said: “We are satisfied with the list of the 29 players who were invited, and we realize that there are important criticisms regarding the two or three players who were called up or who were absent from the queue. He asserted: “We hope that after the current apprehension, we will come up with a comprehensive idea that confirms our options, and the percentage has reached 99 percent.”
The national coach added: “There is another list that we will announce after a month and a half from now on the occasion of the next wait, and if there are mistakes in the choices, they will be corrected, but we are convinced of the group of players who participate in the current waiting for the national team.”

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