The International Conference on Peace and Security in the Canary seeks a peaceful solution to the conflict in the Sahara

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Elaf from RabatThe work of the International Conference on Peace and Security, organized by the “Sahrawis for Peace” movement, kicked off Thursday in Blas Palmas (Canary Archipelago), over two days, in the presence of a number of Spanish guests and politicians, sheikhs and dignitaries of the southern provinces (Moroccan Sahara), in addition to some Mauritanian personalities .
The “Sahrawis for Peace” movement was founded in April 2020, as a political movement and as an alternative to the separatist Polisario Front in order to promote the reunification of the Sahrawis and to seek a peaceful solution to the conflict in the Sahara.

part of the conference

The work of the conference was opened by the Mayor of Las Palmas, Augusto Hidalgo, while the former Speaker of Parliament and former Minister of Defense of Spain, Jose Bono, delivered a speech in which he highlighted the courage of the first secretary of the movement and his determination to organize a meeting for dialogue between the Sahrawis.
In his speech, Bono expressed his admiration for Morocco, noting that it is the only country in the Arab world that has established an open model for promoting human rights “under the leadership of a king who managed to put an end to the years of lead.”
Bono, on the other hand, also shed light on the historical relations between Morocco and Spain, citing the words of the late King Hassan II on dialogue and good-neighbourliness.
Addressing the intransigence of the Polisario, Bono emphasized that in politics, it is always the winner who accepts the negotiation. He also denounced the inhumane conditions experienced by the residents of the Tindouf camps, stressing that the only victims of this conflict are the Sahrawis.
For his part, Mauritanian Mohamed Ahmed Fal, representative of the Network for Unity and Development in Mauritania, reviewed the historical relations between the Mauritanian tribes and the tribes in the Moroccan Sahara, noting that they constitute an unshakeable bloc.
The Mauritanian expert in the field of human rights promised to establish himself as a spokesperson for all Sahrawis who suffered from violations of their rights by the (Polisario).
For their part, the sheikhs and dignitaries of the southern provinces took the floor to address the audience. They affirmed that the Polisario Front, despite its claims, is not the legitimate representative of the Sahrawi population, at a time when the elected representatives of the tribes, and the sheikhs demonstrated their ability to reunite the Sahrawi families on both sides of the border.

Jose Bono, former Spanish Defense Minister, with Sahrawi and Mauritanian personalities

The sheikhs also stressed that the conference represents a call for the Sahrawi population to contribute to a peaceful solution to the conflict, and mentioned that the “Sahrawis for Peace” movement is betting on the peaceful path and dialogue to resolve the conflict. To this end, they appealed to the international community urging it to take into account the active contribution of the “Sahrawis for Peace” movement to the resolution of the conflict.
Many of the elders and dignitaries of the Sahrawi tribes participating in the conference confirmed that the autonomy scheme presented by Morocco remains the only and only solution to end this artificial conflict once and for all.
The dignitaries of the Sahrawi tribes indicated in their speech during the opening session of this international meeting, that the “Polisario”, which is still clinging to outdated and outdated positions, does not represent the Sahrawi population, who are determined to find a solution to this long-lived conflict. On autonomy within the framework of Moroccan sovereignty.
In the context of this, Sheikh Abdi Bouira said on the historical ties that united the Saharan tribes and Morocco for centuries.
Bouira said that “(the Polisario) has no legitimacy to represent the Sahrawi population,” adding that the dignitaries and sheikhs of the tribes of the Moroccan Sahara “will not allow anyone to exploit this artificial conflict for their own interests.”
Bouira stressed that “the notables and elders of the Sahrawi population support and defend the autonomy initiative presented by Morocco.”
In the same vein, Sheikh Lafdal Ould Morabieh Rabbo denounced the “Polisario” maneuvers that “destroy the Sahrawis’ dreams of peace, progress and reunification in the southern provinces of the Kingdom.”
“(The Polisario) and its supporter Algeria are called upon to stop interfering in the affairs of the Sahrawi population that wants to freely decide on their future and to contribute to the development of the Moroccan Sahara,” he said, adding that “the Polisario” sows hatred and misery and promotes a discourse of violence and division.
For his part, Sheikh Saleh Abdullah condemned the outdated rhetoric of the “Polisario”, which sells illusions to the suffering populations in the Tindouf camps (southwest of Algeria), noting that the “Polisario”, which does not want to reach a political solution to the conflict over The Sahara, does not represent the Saharan population.
Abdullah said that instead of progressing towards a final solution, the “Polisario” is working to continue this artificial conflict, with the aim of getting rich at the expense of the suffering of the population living in the Tindouf camps.

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