Al-Azhari: The National Day is engraved in the memory of history – Saudi News

Al-Azhari: The National Day is engraved in the memory of history – Saudi News
Al-Azhari: The National Day is engraved in the memory of history – Saudi News

The General Manager of Al-Noir Golden Company, Mr. Saeed bin Abdullah Al-Azhari confirmed that the anniversary of the National Day is a dear occasion that is repeated every year, through which we follow the march of the giant renaissance, which the homeland and the citizen knew and lived through in all fields until the Kingdom became among the ranks of developed countries, but rather distinguished by many countries by its values. Its religious heritage and its protection of the Islamic faith and its adoption of Islam as a method and a way of life until it became a haven for Muslims.

He pointed out that the first day of the balance in the year 1352 AH is a day engraved in the memory of history, engraved in the thought and conscience of every Saudi, and it is the day on which King Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman – may God rest his soul – united the scattering of this great entity and turned division and rivalry into unity, fusion and integration. Today, our country is living in the atmosphere of this great memory (the anniversary of the 92nd National Day), which is an immortal occasion and a great pause in which generations are aware of the story of the honesty of leadership and the loyalty of a people, written by the founder of this country, King Abdulaziz – may God have mercy on him – who was able, with his wisdom and skill, to change the course of history He led his country and people to unity, development and prosperity, adhering to his faith and steadfastly on his religion.

Al-Azhari indicated that the memory of the National Day embodies the stories of struggle and sacrifices made by the founding King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman – may God have mercy on him – to unify this lofty entity under the banner of unification. It found itself on the map of countries of global importance and turned his country into a difficult number in the current international equation. After the founder’s departure, the Saudi leadership was able to dock the nation’s ship in safety and succeeded in reading world events and spared the country many global events and shocks and achieved remarkable development achievements.

Al-Azhari said, “The anniversary of the 92nd National Day comes every year, and the country is getting more and more developed, progressed, determined and resolute under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and his trusted Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, – may God protect them – and his people’s aspiration for security, safety, well-being and charity.” .

Al-Azhari made it clear that the leaders of this great country give to construction, science, progress and prosperity, and their motto is for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be at the top of the advanced countries.

Al-Azhari added, “On this joyous day, the day of victory, unification, cohesion and interdependence at the hands of the founder, we recall with pride and appreciation all the achievements made by the Saudi people, which are great achievements in various fields, in transportation, education, health, the economy, and the preservation of human rights and dignity under a just and wise leadership that cherishes Islam in belief and action. With his spirit present in all aspects of social life in this dear country, and because we have a house and we are its children, we have the right to be proud and proud of this house on its glorious national day. And because the gains that have been achieved do not need anyone to talk about them, they reveal themselves and only the ungrateful can deny them, and they are nothing but the fruit of the continuous and continuous struggle of leaders, from the great to the great.. from the unified founding king, King Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman to his righteous sons, the loyal, the good, the king Saud, then King Faisal, then King Khalid, then King Fahd, then King Abdullah, may God have mercy on them, forgive them, and place them in his spacious gardens, and may God preserve his mighty King Salman bin Abdulaziz and his patrons. The state has protected the blessed land.

Al-Azhari affirmed: Now a new history is being written for the nation’s march, which is full of great achievements, confirming the love of the people for the Crown Prince. countries, and their competitors are major countries.

He explained that the great achievements witnessed in the past years advance a promising and bright future for the Kingdom in all fields, and successes have been achieved at all levels, both internally and externally, thanks to the directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz, to keep pace with the aspirations of the Saudi people, and to elevate the country towards the highest levels of glory and empowerment. .

He pointed out that the anniversary of the National Day comes this year, and the country has taken balanced and accelerated steps towards the desired goal and shortened the distances towards achieving the 2030 vision and writing a glorious history full of achievements that made the Kingdom a difficult number among nations and peoples that could not be overcome in the economic, scientific and cultural fields, until it became a kiss For senior leaders and politicians.

He noted that the country, citizens and residents celebrate this anniversary with hearts filled with love, security and reassurance in light of the modernization of state agencies and institutions and the continuation of implementing projects in various economic, educational, health and social sectors, transportation, transportation, industry, electricity, water and agriculture in all parts of the Kingdom to provide good and welfare for the citizen whose leadership exchanges love and loyalty in An image that embodies the highest meanings of cohesion and detour.

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