Secrets of today’s local newspapers

Secrets of today’s local newspapers
Secrets of today’s local newspapers


It is noted that the meeting of the parties loyal to the opposition team has not met for a while due to the divergence between some of its components since the parliamentary elections, and the emerging discrepancies regarding the presidential elections.

Observers noted that a member of a “rejecting” parliamentary bloc refused to withdraw from the parliament’s plenary hall, as his peers did in successive presidential election sessions.

Some people in mountainous areas resort to primitive means of heating, which poses a health hazard, and is due to the provision of diesel, which many people could not buy due to its unprecedented high price.


Observers stopped at a narrative that does not exclude the opening of a dialogue between a parliamentary reference and a party reference.

Many promises of officials made to secure minimum vital services for more than one region have failed.

Contacts are intensifying between former party officials in a right-wing party to meet with each other to discuss and rectify the situation.

Major General

The official and influential forces in the internal situation advised adherence to maximum stability options, waiting for the second half of K2, to know the course of the upcoming events in Lebanon and the region.

Measures have been taken to prevent any friction between the deputies today against the backdrop of positions and statements in today’s election session.

A senior reference does not leave an occasion without praising a bank official, due to considerations related to a busy procession of cooperation between the two parties!

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The Banque du Liban is preparing to announce an auxiliary platform for the exchange rate, in addition to an exchange platform that will be dedicated to calculating the exchange rate for some services and commodities.

The brother of an official reference visited Saudi Arabia to improve the image of a serious candidate for the presidency of the Republic, who has close alliance ties with the reference. Saudi officials contented themselves with listening to what the visitor put forward and did not comment on his explanations.

It turns out that the amount that a government reference spoke about, which will be provided by the World Food Program, is actually about $1.8 billion, no more, and it is still under study.


A financial expert said that the World Bank report reveals the reason for the government’s procrastination in resolving the economic and financial options that are supposed to be included in the recovery plan, because the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank support the distribution of losses that was approved by the government of Prime Minister Hassan Diab and rejected by both the Banque du Liban and the banks.

Arab diplomatic sources expected heated months in the region before the negotiations reached the spring settlements, and said that the tensions would extend over more than one arena to arrange balances and improve the cards of strength from the Turkish military move, the events in Iran, the lifting of nuclear enrichment and the truce impasse in Yemen to the Lebanese presidency.

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