Who is Nada Zeidan on Wikipedia?

Who is Nada Zeidan on Wikipedia?
Who is Nada Zeidan on Wikipedia?

Who is Nada Zidan on Wikipedia? The public searched for her because she is the second wife of George Wassouf, where she has a prominent role in the sports field. She participated in many sports races that are widely popular in the sports community, and we show you full details about her private and personal sports life, through what We show it to you in the following article.

Who is Nada Zeidan on Wikipedia?

Also, Nada Zidan, the second wife of George Wassouf, who is a famous athlete in rallying, and her origins go back to Palestine, but she has Qatari nationality and participated in various famous sports in the Arab world. She was born in 1976 AD in Lebanon, where the civil war took place in Lebanon. Education in Qatar, and she is a graduate of nursing, so that all victims of the war are helped. She converts to Islam, and she has a daughter named Oyoun, and she is the only girl.

How old is Nady Zidane now?

Nada Zidan was forty-seven years old, she lived and grew up in Qatar, and she had met George Wassouf in one of the hospitals in which she was working, and she was married to him in 2011 AD, but she was separated from her due to differences that were not shown through social sites, despite her love for Her husband, but separated from him by agreement and consent between them.

What is the nationality of Nady Zidane?

Also, Nada Zaidan holds Qatari and Palestinian nationalities. She used to live in Lebanon, but she lived in Qatar because of the occurrence of the Lebanese civil war. She lived in Lebanon for four years, and fled with her family to Qatar, but she graduated from the College of Nursing because of his strength in the field, and she excelled in The field of sports in which her talent reached high, and she participated in the rally races that she excelled in since she was young, and she is famous in the field since her early childhood.

What is the religion of Nady Zidane?

Nada Zidan embraces the Islamic religion, and she is of the Sunni sect. She participated in many humanitarian works, especially after the end of the Lebanese civil war, from which Lebanon was suffering because of the destruction and devastation, and the loss of families, the simplest requirements of life, as she excelled in the sports field, and the medical field, Human, cultural, and she married George Wassouf because of their love and attachment to him after he visited the hospital in which she works. She is famous in the medical and sports fields, and loves to extend aid to poor families.

How many children does Nada Zidane have?

She gave birth to eyes and she is the only daughter of George Wassouf, he did not marry after them, although his wives are of the Islamic religion and he is of the Christian religion, and they married them in a civil marriage. , where he excelled in many concerts in which he participated in various Arab countries, and we presented the most prominent information in the following article for you to provide you with all the events that revolve around George and his wives.

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