Who is the wife of Issa Al-Marzouq?

Who is the wife of Issa Al-Marzouq? Essa Al-Marzouq holds Kuwaiti nationality and is considered one of the stars of the Arab world in the arena of art and singing. Through search engines, Issa Al-Marzouq’s wife and the details of her life, we will discuss through this article sent before to cover all the details about her and her husband, Issa Al-Marzouq.

Who is Issa Al-Marzouq on Wikipedia?

Issa Al-Marzouq, a Kuwaiti singer and author, to a father and mother of Kuwaiti origin, was born on September 20, 1992 AD. Issa Al-Marzouq loved art since childhood and was distinguished by his beautiful voice and playing various instruments. Because of his many talents, Issa Al-Marzouq participated earlier in his life in the Famous Singing Stars Academy Program And through this program, Issa gained wide fame and won the admiration of many viewers of the program and the Arab audience, and he had reached the semi-finals before he left the competition and made his own way, as he presented many songs and plays for children and presented a wide range of songs that made him Very famous in the world of social media, he has millions of followers on different accounts.

Who is the wife of Issa Al-Marzouq?

Issa Al-Marzouq’s wife is Hadeel Al-Ansari, and they got married on April 8, 2022 AD in the Kuwait Great Hall, in the presence of Issa Al-Marzouq’s family and the absence of Hadeel Al-Ansari’s family from the ceremony, which raised many questions among the participants, and Al-Marzouq refuses that his wife appear on social media or the media, and stipulated that she be This is his wife before marriage, which makes it rare to find pictures of Hadeel Al-Ansari through communication websites or search engines, and Hadeel Al-Ansari does not share her photos or videos through any site and prefers to hide from the limelight and fame despite the fact that my sister Hadeel is a celebrity. Social networking sites are ( Amal Al-Ansari and Fatima Al-Ansari), two influencers, beauticians and models on Instagram with thousands of fans following, and the three sisters have a high degree of similarity in shape.

The story of Issa Al-Murzuq’s marriage to Hadeel Al-Ansari

– As I mentioned – that the newlyweds celebrated their wedding on April 8, 2022 AD in the Great Hall in the Kuwaiti capital, and the artist Issa Al-Marzouq shared some pictures of the wedding ceremony with his followers and fans through his accounts on social media, in order not to publish any pictures of his wife because he does not want her to be in the spotlight. It was noticed that the wedding was not attended by Hadeel Al-Ansari’s family, which prompted many to wonder about the reason for this, and the nature of the royal wedding attracted many art magazines and news channels, and this news spread in the media and on the Internet, as Issa Al-Marzouq asked in more than one meeting about this reason, And every time the young artist refuses to answer this question or give the reasons that opened the door to rumors and lies, and some went to the existence of major differences between the two families, and so far this news has not been denied or confirmed.

Hadeel Al-Ansari, wife of Issa Al-Marzouq, Wikipedia

Hadeel Al-Ansari, a twenty-eight-year-old Saudi woman, studied pharmacy at Kuwait University, and it is said that she is not active in the world of social media because she chose a field and environment that is completely different from the work environment of her sisters Amal and Fatima Al-Ansari, and her husband, Issa Al-Marzouq, and this was confirmed by her husband in Several statements Hadeel Al-Ansari works in the field of beauty, but she is far from the limelight and fame, but recently Hadeel Al-Ansari became famous and most of the things that were behind this fame are the great similarities that link her to the famous Lebanese actress Nadine Njeim, as her features are very close to her, and before that When she was a beautician, Amal Al-Ansari, Hadeel’s sister, announced through her Instagram account the news of her sister’s birth to her eldest daughter, Al-Akhbariya.

Star Academy program, the beginning of Al-Essa Marzouk

Issa Al-Marzouq began her artistic life as a participant in one of the most famous programs of young and singing talents in the Arab world, Star Academy in its ninth edition, which was broadcast on CBC, and through this program, stars from all Arab countries that have been revealed and that have millions of views and followers The program also aims to shed light on the daily life of the participants by highlighting their daily transactions and filming them permanently so that the viewer becomes a follower of their lives close and all the time. As for the participation of Issa Al-Marzouq, he reached advanced stages in the program before he left the stage before the end of the ninth season.

Issa Marzouk Biography

  • My name is Issa Al-Marzouq.
  • Kuwaiti nationality.
  • Date of birth September 20, 1992 AD
  • Occupation and Identities Singing, songwriting and acting.
  • Jaw sign Virgo.
  • Favorite instrument: Oud.
  • Favorite color is green.
  • Favorite food is shrimp.

The work of Issa Al-Marzouq

In a short period, and after Issa Marzouk left Star Academy, he was able to prove himself in a short time and presented many songs and works that he presented on his YouTube channel, which he founded on September 27, 2012 AD, which has reached millions of views since its opening, which exceeded 600 million views. For all his works, and the number of followers on his channel reached more than two million people, Issa Marzouk presented a large number of songs in his career, including

  • Strange time.
  • you know.
  • amazing.
  • There is a prison.
  • Bombs, who has over 150 million views on his YouTube channel alone.
  • I’m tired of scams.
  • Palm money
  • Moon, song from Back to 2038.
  • velvet.
  • peacock.
  • right left.
  • from my case.
  • Farewell! Farewell.
  • Almond honey.
  • son of my soul
  • Hammam cod wreath.
  • miss.
  • in Tope.
  • I miss you
  • honey factory
  • take me to You
  • It’s official now.
  • afternoon.

Issa Al-Marzouq and his wife celebrate their first child

Kuwaiti artist Issa Al-Marzouq and his wife, Hadeel Al-Ansari, received their first child, and the couple named their first child (Rima).

“Praise be to God, with whose grace good deeds are accomplished. God Almighty blessed me with a baby boy whom I named (Rima).

Twitter artist Issa Al-Marzouq

Issa Al-Marzouq has a personal account on the Twitter platform, which is also documented with the blue badge, and is followed by more than one hundred and sixty thousand followers from various Arab countries, and the artist writes in the description of this account the following sentence: “My Lord is good for my morals, because you have beautified my morals,” which is taken from the prayer of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace. Peace be upon him, and Issa Al-Marzouq is accustomed to posting various tweets through this account, and it is also the language and interfaces of his media statements, because Al-Marzouq, through this account, publishes his blessings to his fans on various occasions or publishes a blessing for public figures, the last of which was published by the Kuwaiti artist Ali on the occasion of his obtaining a crown, and Saudi Arabia was for the last Born to him Abdulaziz, as Issa tweeted, “Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman gave birth to a child named (Abdulaziz) after the founder of the kingdom.

Issa Al-Marzouq YouTube account

The young artist, Issa Al-Marzouq, does not miss the opportunity to invest in his popularity, his fans, and his followers by creating his own YouTube channel, where Issa has his own channel through which he presents his lyrical works and video clips through his channel on his website, and he created it on the twenty-seventh of September 2012 AD And since its inception, the channel has obtained millions of views, which are more than 600 million views of all of its works, and the number of its followers reached nearly two million followers. Four months later, it gained nearly a million views, and you can follow this channel “”.

Issa Al-Marzouq Instagram account

The young artist Issa Al-Marzouq enjoys a large following on social media pages and websites, and the most famous site with a large number of followers is Instagram, which is also documented with the blue badge and followed by more than one million seven hundred thousand followers, among the fans and fans of the beautiful artist Issa Al-Marzouk, and Issa takes the Instagram platform As a platform for publishing his own photos and some photos from his personal parties, his followers also share some photos of him, his house and his new baby, Rima, and Issa is keen to hide his wife from social networking sites, and according to his statements, this condition was one of the conditions of his association from the beginning with Hadeel Al-Ansari, and you can follow Issa Al – Marzouq via Instagram from searching for the following account (essa_almarzoug).

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