An American designer imagines what famous historical figures would look like if they lived today. Pictures

An American designer imagines what famous historical figures would look like if they lived today. Pictures
An American designer imagines what famous historical figures would look like if they lived today. Pictures

Posted by Khaled Ibrahim

Sunday, March 19, 2023 11:00 AM

There are many people that we can get to know without knowing them or meeting them personally. Einstein, for example, is known for his iconic hair and mustache, as well as the beautiful features of the international star . No one can miss her. Often, we get to know their appearance through pictures, but how We can imagine historical figures who did not leave us many of their clear pictures to see.

It is now not necessary to push your imagination to over-speculate what some famous personalities would look like if they existed in the present time, as the American designer Becca Salah El-Din, who was famous for modern fantasies of old celebrities, succeeded in breathing new life into more images of the characters. Historically, her Instagram account has attracted more than 370,000 followers.

According to the site boredpanda There are dozens of images of Alexander the Great that can be seen all over the world, including coins, busts, and full-body statues. Despite the wealth of images we have today, most are presumed to be later copies of lost originals. His images were perfect in style. Greek.

Alexander the Great

Alexander, according to what we know, was Greek, born in Macedonia, to parents who were both from the Greek kingdoms, and his descriptions of his life mostly agree that he had blond or golden hair, soft skin that may have been a little red, and a handsome face with a prominent forehead, as he was also full of body and muscles Perhaps his height was a little more than five feet, which was reflected in the imaginary images created by Becca Salah El-Din.

Alexander the Great

Becca also received requests regarding the visualization of the body “Vlad Tepes”, also known as Vlad the Impaler, in addition to loose inspiration for the character of Dracula, Cleopatra, Queen Nefertiti, and Anna de Souza, one of the important women in history, where she lived a wonderful life, She spent her life in intermittent war with the Portuguese, trying to protect her people and the rest of the African interior from slave raiders.


She also received requests to depict the features of characters such as Shakespeare, which added some modern details to him. It is true that there is no origin for the iconic Shakespeare image, but if it was Shakespeare, then it would be the only similarity to him taken from life, and among the reasons that might make him him is the clothes he wears The person who wore it was popular between 1590 and 1610, the time when Shakespeare was achieving his greatest success.

It also reimagined Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome for 19 years from 161 to 180 AD. He ruled almost at the height of the empire, with 70-80 million people, roughly a fifth of the Earth’s population at the time, and is best known for his Germanic campaigns, as well as for his book of Stoic meditations, called Meditations, which contains closely related philosophical fragments still in use Even today, Napoleon is the famous French political leader whose military campaigns are still studied today.

Marcus Aurelius

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