Champagne. Daria Pernot, gold at your fingertips

Champagne. Daria Pernot, gold at your fingertips
Champagne. Daria Pernot, gold at your fingertips

By Thierry Rodier
Published on 1 Sep 22 at 10:42

Voice of the Jura

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When one discovers the paintings of Daria Pernot, the first impressions are those of being in the presence of an artist who does not hesitate. A choice of frank colors, thick and chopped lines, and a style that immerses us in the universe of Matisse of the 40s-45s display a real mastery of composition and harmonic research. Beautiful work which, for some of his paintings, would not be ashamed in a museum alongside renowned artists. It goes without saying that the painter has experience.

Acrylic with gold leaf

“Textile designer by my profession and my training, I have a degree in Decorative Arts. I have worked as a textile designer creating patterns for major upholstery brands like Kenzo Jungle and many others. When I arrived in the Jura 15 years ago, I was very impressed by the landscapes, the nature, the colors of the different seasons. »

Daria PernotPainter

On the palette of her techniques, the one she likes the most is acrylic with gold leaf. On the occasion of the Galerie Éphémère, she focused on the theme of holidays, “the period when we cease all activity and which is conducive to escape. » Memories of Cuban moments, luminous dishes of Mediterranean gastronomy staged, landscapes, and also cars, the passion of her husband which has also become hers. In 2021, if she had the chance to open the ephemeral gallery, this year she will be at the center of the closing of the event along with the other artists of the season.

Until Sunday, September 4. Ephemeral gallery. 26 rue Baronne Delort. Champagnole

Daria Pernot, an air of Matisse blows on some of her paintings. (©TR)

Thierry Rodier

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