Grain de sel / Mediterranean: Maritime heritage and memory

The fifth episode of “Grain de sel”, the program that travels the Mediterranean by sailboat, was released on September 3, 2022and it is called “Maritime heritage, memories and transmissions”. The program, produced by the association Travel Doc, is itself dedicated to the preservation of the heritage of the sea, which she travels by sailboat.

The Grain de Sel TV program travels the Mediterranean Sea on a sailboat. Photo credit: ©Travel Doc

The Grain de sel project, dedicated to the preservation of the Mediterranean Sea, is officially completed. Every first Saturday of the month, and for nearly a year, the Travel Doc association broadcasts a new emission on its web TV, also accessible on the Journal Toulousain website (video below). Produced to make Internet users aware of the richness of the Mediterranean heritage, and the need to preserve itthis series launched on Saturday May 7 continues this September 3, on the theme: “Maritime heritage, memories and transmissions”.

To Marseillan, the lateen sail and its navigation are part of the intangible maritime heritage of the Mediterranean. Christian Dorques, president of the Voile Latine association of Bouzigues and the Bassin de Thau, shares his passion in this episode. He is accompanied by another guest, Frédéric Verdeil, president of the Siloé association. In this fifth issue, a report is dedicated to a young traditional marine carpenter. Ossian Bataille thus recounts the making of his Opticassous. He also explains the need to transmit the learning of the lateen sail to the youngest. On the artists side, the visual artist Marie-José Doutres will be honored in the Full lighthouse section.

The maritime heritage of the Mediterranean is also in words

Nacelle, rigging, parrot, halyard, shroud… These words are those of the traditional naval architecture of Occitania. It is these nacelles that hoist the lateen sail. Because the sea is also those men and women who inhabit it and experience it.

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