“We felt abandoned by the SNCF!” testifies one of the passengers stuck in Narbonne

“We felt abandoned by the SNCF!” testifies one of the passengers stuck in Narbonne
“We felt abandoned by the SNCF!” testifies one of the passengers stuck in Narbonne

Big mess on the rail network in the Aude, because of the derailment of a freight train at Carcassonne station, which occurred at the end of the day Wednesday, November 23. The evening was trying for many passengers traveling to Toulouse. Testimonials.

The derailment of a freight train on its arrival at Carcassonne station in Aude, mWednesday, November 23 at 5:15 p.m., complicated the lives of many SNCF users who found themselves stuck in Narbonne.

Although this accident did not cause any injuries, the station platform was damaged over several hundred meters, which led to the closure of the SNCF station and, by boomerang effect, major disruptions on the entire rail network of Montpellier to Toulouse.

Our colleague from France 3 Lou-ann Leroux, who was on the Montpellier-Toulouse journey on Wednesday evening, was one of the passengers stranded in Béziers. “No hotel pick-up has been offered by the SNCF, the only option offered for the moment: to go back to Montpellier in a TGV” explains the journalist.

She questioned several companions on the spot, including Aziz, 27: “I am a native of Toulouse, I was in Montpellier for interviews, so I am looking to return to Toulouse. Afterwards, I am used to having transport problems.”

Passenger of a Lyon-Toulouse train Wednesday, November 24, Gregory Solomiac, for his part, found himself stuck in Narbonne and deplores the management of events by the SNCF:

As soon as we got on the train in Lyon, we were told that we were going to stop at Narbonne, that we were invited to get off right away to be reimbursed and postpone the trip. But personally, I had a professional imperative, around me there were people who were taking competitions or job interviews in Toulouse the next day, we couldn’t afford to postpone. »

The Toulousain then decides to stay on the train with many other passengers. ” Arriving in Narbonne around 9 p.m., the train stops. We are not given any information on substitute buses or hotel pick-up.”

Some have paid for taxis or carpools out of pocket. We had to go see the station master to explain the situation and negotiate for him to help us. An hour later, they set up shuttles to go to Toulouse: minibuses, cars, it was a mess! We were about thirty to join Toulouse like that.

Gregory Solomiac, passenger of the Lyon-Toulouse train

These passengers will arrive in Toulouse after midnight, instead of 10:30 p.m. as initially planned.

We felt abandoned by the SNCF. We had to negotiate so that solutions could be put in place, and we were given no information on possible compensation. regrets Gregory Solomiac.

For his part, Yann Fallecker, forties on a business trip for three days in Toulouse, finds himself trapped since Wednesday evening at the Toulouse Matabiau station:

We are despairing! I am with three elderly people, including an 87-year-old lady who has a knee prosthesis and who has great difficulty moving around and another lady who had an important medical appointment in Montpellier. We all had tickets for Marseille-Saint-Charles.

“At 5 p.m. yesterday, we were told that all trains were cancelled” explains this economist. “We were just offered to reimburse us. We had to fight to get a taxi and to take care of our hotel rooms. This morning, we were told that there was no solution for us. looked at the buses, not one is available. I can take a blablacar to Narbonne and Montpellier but afterwards, I have to manage on my own to find a connection to Marseille. I don’t understand.

For its part, the SNCF asserts that the resumption of traffic should be possible from Saturday 26/11. In the meantime, dSubstitute buses from Toulouse to Narbonne have been put in place.

The traffic would be “currently mostly fluid between Narbonne and Marseille” according to SNCF, which communicates directly with passengers on its Tweeter account:

400 meters of quay were damaged by this accident.

Significant work had been carried out in Carcassonne station since April and the rails on this portion had just been renovated.

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