“We must find solutions before the crises”, says Fady Dagher

“We must find solutions before the crises”, says Fady Dagher
“We must find solutions before the crises”, says Fady Dagher

Fady Dagher appeared on Thursday morning before the Commission de la sécurité publique de Montréal, on the very day of the announcement of his appointment as head of the SPVM.

Considered by experts, both civilians and police, as the most avant-garde police chief in Quebec, Fady Dagher should take office in January. His appointment must first be ratified at the municipal level and approved by the Council of Ministers of François Legault.

Fady Dagher, who until then headed the Longueuil agglomeration police department (SPAL), has spent most of his career in SPVM. He rose through the ranks to the point of being approached, in 2015, to take over the management of the police force. The administration of Denis Coderre had finally preferred Philippe Pichet to him.

The administration of Mayor Valérie Plante has therefore chosen a police officer who knows the city inside out. In 2022, police must serve all populations, he said Thursday, outlining his vision for policing before the Public Safety Commission. A much more inclusive police service, which understands the issues of populations in the process of being marginalized, the issues of immigration and those of the various partners.

Fady Dagher says police must play their role with humility and modestyin consultation with its partners – particularly in the community – and without being above.

The new head of SPVM states that almost 80% of calls received by the police are related to mental health issues and social problems. And it’s not true that the policeman is better placed than a partner to answer it, at least to find a better solution afterwardshe said.

Not only in Montreal, but on the entire North American continent, the police act in reactive mode to respond to emergencies, deplores Fady Dagher, whose it is the big concern.

And as long as we are going to remain as a police service at “a 911 call and a vehicle is moved”, we will always repeat the same answers and it will not be the right solution each time. »

A quote from Fady Dagher

Chaired by Rivière-des-Prairies–Pointe-aux-Trembles borough councilor Daphney Colin, the Public Safety Commission held a public meeting on Thursday to present the selection process and the successful candidate for the leadership of the SPVM. .

Photo: Radio-Canada / Charles Contant

Gun violence

The second largest municipal police service in Canada, the SPVM serves the entire island of Montreal, more than 1.7 million inhabitants. It brings together more than 6,000 civilian and police employees and has 31 neighborhood stations. With these staff that he will now lead, Mr. Dagher intends to find solutions well in advance, before crises, before unfortunate events.

But there must be a balance between prevention and repression: when it comes to pure repression, guns and shootings, it’s not the time for dialogue, it’s the time to intervenesummarizes Fady Dagher.

In the greater metropolitan area, gun violence is keeping police officers busy. This week, a vast operation, led among others by the SPVM, made it possible to neutralize suspects in events of firearm violence. At the end of August, Quebec had released an additional $250 million over five years to fight against armed violence in Montreal.

With his colleagues in Longueuilthat is to say at the SPAL, Fady Dagher prides himself on having been able to act as much in prevention as in repression. It’s even historic the number of narcotics searches that we made at the same time, while we were doing preventionhe says.

A police force closely woven with the community

Without partners, we can not do muchaffirms Mr. Daguer, for whom the collaboration with the latter must be elaborated in a zone of peace. If we only make room for them in times of crisis, it looks like makeup.

The context in which police work has become extremely complex, he says, because crime is organized, but also disorganized and traditional approaches are no longer enough. Investigative work needs support and the police force must be on the ground, established, tightly knit with the community and partners, to feel all the fibrillation.

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