This was the moment of the explosion in the Toluca bakery

The explosion of a gas tank in a Toluca bakery left six injured, including a minor, with no deaths reported, an event that was recorded on video thanks to security cameras.

The events that occurred on Thursday morning in a business located between Felipe Villanueva streets, corner with Constituyentes, in the Morelos Primera Sección neighborhood, would have been the consequence of the explosion of a gas tank inside the bakery.

In addition to the damage to the business, a neighboring restaurant was also affected by the explosion, as well as some houses in the area.

The video that captured the events and was broadcast on the networks shows the moment when a woman who was walking outside the bakery was blown away when the explosion occurred.

There is a 4-year-old girl injured after explosion

Two women aged 31 and 26 were transferred to the “Lic. Adolfo López Mateos” Medical Center, as well as a 43-year-old man, their state of health is reported as serious.

While the General Hospital “Dr. Nicolás San Juan” admitted a child under the age of four and a 63-year-old man, both reported as serious. A woman was received at the Toluca Red Cross.

State and municipal Civil Protection personnel, municipal Police, as well as the Toluca Fire Department, are carrying out shoring work in the building where the incident occurred. Derived from the force of the detonation, there were more homes affected, in the building opposite the windows were blown out, in an adjoining place the business curtain was thrown down and there was damage to a vehicle parked in front of the bakery

In the videos released about this event, it has been observed that a woman also runs out of the business and then a man carrying the minor in his arms. One of the victims and the minor are seen burned on their face and extremities, asking for help.

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