Amazon: Buy gaming routers from Asus at a great price!

Amazon: Buy gaming routers from Asus at a great price!
Amazon: Buy gaming routers from Asus at a great price!

Ideally, an Internet connection should always be fast and stable. However, if you only use the wire to surf and chat, you will often not notice fluctuations in the data throughput rate or even short failures. It looks completely different if you regularly play fast-paced online shooters or MMORPGs on your PC or console and every millisecond decides between victory and defeat. Here, a short faltering of the data line can quickly mean screen death. Some manufacturers therefore offer gaming routers specially developed for this purpose.

The TUF-AX5400 model from Asus, for example, is designed to iron out reception and performance problems in the home network and to guarantee you a stable data flow in every gaming situation. This is made possible by a special gaming port for prioritizing gaming devices such as the PC or a PlayStation 5. A simple port redirection via Open NAT ensures that the router is easy to set up and configure. The Asus TUF-AX5400 usually costs around 140 euros. Amazon is now temporarily selling the device at the best price of 108.99 euros.

  • Wifi 6 with up to 5,400 Mbit/s
  • gaming port
  • Easy configuration thanks to Open NAT
  • Compatible with other AiMesh routers
  • Offer price: 108.99 euros

Asus TUF-AX5400 at Amazon

Data turbo for gamers

The router supports the Wifi 6 standard and thus offers data transmission speeds of up to 5,400 megabits per second. The device can cover an area of ​​up to 150 square meters with WLAN. If you need more, simply set up a mesh network. The Asus TUF-AX5400 supports the manufacturer’s AiMesh technology and is compatible with other routers of this type. As a dual-band router, the device transmits in both the 2.4 and 5 gigahertz range. At the current rate, the model offers very good value for money and is definitely worth a look.

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