Sven Regener and Teddy Teclebrhan receive the Sondermann Prize for Comic Art |

Sven Regener and Teddy Teclebrhan receive the Sondermann Prize for Comic Art |
Sven Regener and Teddy Teclebrhan receive the Sondermann Prize for Comic Art |

The Frankfurt Sondermann Prize for comic art enjoys a special reputation among comedians. This year, the musician and writer Sven Regener and comedian Teddy Teclebrhan will be honored.

By Natascha Plum Tree

“This is the Nobel Prize for comedy,” says Sven Regener, writer and legendary musician of the band “Element of Crime” about the Sondermann Prize for comic art, which will be awarded in Frankfurt on Thursday.

The fact that the award is so attractive in the comedy scene should not be due to the money – the award for Regener’s life’s work is linked to a comparatively slim 5,000 euros. Rather, it is the fame, the honour, the nobility of this award that makes the Frankfurt Sondermann Prize so coveted in German comedy circles.

Sven Regener is now inscribed in a grandiose German comedy family. Otto Waalkes has already received the award, as has Jan Böhmermann. Last year, the cartoon duo Hauck and Bauer and Shahak Shapira were honored. Because the award ceremony had to be canceled due to Corona, they will also be honored on Thursday.

“Mr. Lehmann” introduced Regener

Sven Regener’s humorous life’s work is the fictional character “Herr Lehmann”, the involuntarily funny anti-hero that the author invented for his debut novel in 2001. In it, Regener tells the story of a young adult who wanders through Berlin in the late 1980s, trying to find his way into adult life without knowing how it’s supposed to work.

“There is something quirky and lovable at the same time that characterizes such characters,” says Regener about Mr. Lehmann, who also appears again in his latest novel “Glittersplitter”. “That’s why you can of course also use them very well for all sorts of purposes. That’s very appealing.”

Former Titanic boss leads through the evening

The gala in Frankfurt’s Zoom Club will be moderated by the former editor-in-chief of the satirical magazine Titanic, Oliver Maria Schmitt. He sees himself as a kind of breakfast manager who guides you through the evening. “But the jokes should be made by others, they can do it much better,” says Schmitt, who led the 2016 gala with Jan Böhmermann.

Böhmermann received the sponsorship award at the time. “He was so touched that he didn’t even accept the gigantic prize money of 2,000 euros,” says Schmitt. “In order to humiliate us, as he said, he left us with this money.”

Teddy Teclebrhan honored as best newcomer

This year’s Newcomer Award goes to Tedros “Teddy” Teclebrhan. The actor, born in Eritrea in 1983, receives the Sondermann Prize for his stage shows and videos, for which he invented the fictional character Antoine.

Antoine is a slightly choleric unemployed man who analyzes the world with his Swabian gibberish, addressing social and regional clichés and taboos so directly that everyone quickly feels caught. The audience at the award ceremony should feel the same way on Thursday evening.

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The Sondermann Prize

The Sondermann Prize is awarded annually and in two categories: The main prize is aimed at established representatives of comic art, while the Newcomer Prize is intended to promote notable young talent. The award goes back to the well-known comic character “Sondermann” by the Frankfurt cartoonist and painter Bernd Pfarr.

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