Start, broadcast dates, jury, moderator, broadcast on TV and stream, repetition

Start, broadcast dates, jury, moderator, broadcast on TV and stream, repetition
Start, broadcast dates, jury, moderator, broadcast on TV and stream, repetition

The 3rd season of “Die Puppenstars” 2022 will start soon. Here you can find out everything about the start, broadcast dates, jury, moderator, broadcast on TV and stream and for repetition.

There is theatre, variety and stand-up comedy in the new season of “Die Puppenstars” 2022. Puppeteers from all over Europe present their puppets to the jury. The dolls do and are allowed to do everything.

In September it gives up RTL including “Ninja Warrior Germany” and “Die Puppenstars”.

The jury of “Die Pupenstars” looks at the performances of the candidates on every show. Points are awarded at the end. The jury thus decides who gets into the top 3 ranking. Finally, “The Puppet Star of the Evening” is chosen. Prize money of 20,000 euros awaits the winner.

Season 3 was already filmed in July and August 2022.


Would you like to learn more about “The Puppet Stars” 2022? When is the start? When are the broadcast dates? Who is on the jury? Who is the moderator? Is there a transfer in tv and streaming? Is there a repeat? We have the details.

When is the start of “The Puppet Stars” 2022, Season 3?

The official start of “Die Puppenstars” 2022 is on September 24, 2022.

These are the broadcast dates of “Die Puppenstars” 2022, Season 3

There will be a total of three self-contained episodes of “Die Puppenstars” in 2022. The episodes appear on Saturday prime time at 8:15 p.m. Here is an overview:

  • Episode 1: Saturday, September 24, 2022 at 8:15 p.m
  • Episode 2: Saturday 01 October 2022 at 8.15 p.m
  • Episode 3: Saturday 08 October 2022 at 8.15 p.m

“The Puppet Stars” 2022: This is the jury of Season 3

The expert jury of “Die Puppenstars” 2022 consists of Max Giermann, Martin Reinl and the puppet “Kakerlak”, played by Carsten Haffke. There will also be changing guest jurors who will sit at the jury desk.

This is the presenter of “Die Puppenstars” 2022

The moderation of “Die Puppenstars” 2022 takes over Thomas Gottschalk. He is presenting the show for the first time, having hosted the previous two seasons Mirja Boes the show. Thomas Gottschalk was born on May 18, 1950 in Bamberg. The media career started when he worked freelance at the radio station Bayern 3 started. He gained his first experiences on TV from 1982-1987 with the moderation of the preliminary round of the Eurovision Song Contest. In the meantime, Thomas Gottschalk also worked as an actor. He also moderated the popular program “Wetten, dass…?”, where he resigned in 2012 due to a tragic accident of a participant. In November 2021 he moderated the show, which was actually discontinued in 2014, again. After that Success was decided: “Wetten, dass…?” is to be broadcast once a year.

This is Thomas Gottschalk, the moderator of “Die Puppenstars” 2022.

Photo: Frank Hempel, RTL

“The Puppet Stars” 2022: broadcast on TV and stream

“The Puppet Stars” 2022 will be broadcast by the private broadcaster RTL transfer. The broadcast is on free TV. At the same time, the show about dolls can also be followed in the live stream. However, this requires a subscription to the paid streaming service RTL+ necessary. In order to be able to use the premium subscription, there are monthly costs of 4.99 euros.

Will there be a repeat of The Puppet Stars in 2022?

“The Puppet Stars” sounds good in principle, but Saturday night is out of the question? Up for a possible repeat RTL the broadcaster has not yet commented, but one thing is clear: up RTL+ “Die Puppenstars” 2022 can be viewed later at any time. Again, the premium subscription is required for this.

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