Ebay offer: 2-in-1 secateurs from Metabo at a great price!

Ebay offer: 2-in-1 secateurs from Metabo at a great price!
Ebay offer: 2-in-1 secateurs from Metabo at a great price!

Cordless garden shears can get into corners where a large lawnmower cannot. For lawn edges, walls or curbs – on which grass, stalks and woody outgrowths grow – cordless pruning shears eliminate overgrowth in no time. Thanks to battery operation, work with the light pruning shears goes quickly and without pain in the hand. Metabo’s grass and shrub shears with lots of accessories are currently available on Ebay at a particularly attractive price.

Metabo 2-in-1 cordless secateurs at a top price

Battery-powered grass and shrub shears are currently available on Ebay Metabo PowerMaxx SGS 12V Q for 89.90 euros instead of 195.16 euros. With the code PALETTI22 the price will drop by an additional 8.99 by October 3, 2022 only 80.91 euros. That’s a whopping savings! In addition to the shrub knife, grass knife with storage case, the offer also includes a Li-Power battery with the 2.0 Ah battery charger SC 30. In order to store all the accessories properly, a Metabo tool bag is also included in the package. According to the idealo price comparison, the Ebay offer is currently the cheapest on the net for this price.

  • 2-in-1 cordless secateurs
  • including Li-Power battery, charger SC 30 and tool bag
  • With code PALETTI22 only 80.91 euros

Metabo Power Maxx SGS 12 VQ 2-in-1 Secateurs on Ebay

The 12-volt cordless grass shears from Metabo make gardening easier in the truest sense of the word. The 2-in-1 device weighs only 1 kg and, according to Metabo, lies ergonomically in the hand. Despite the slim design, the small powerhouse should deliver full power and be ideal for working in tight spaces. According to the manufacturer, the 12-volt push-fit battery pack is also particularly compact and underlines the handy design of the Metabo 12-volt class.

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