Munich today – news from September 22nd, 2022 – Munich

Munich today – news from September 22nd, 2022 – Munich
Munich today – news from September 22nd, 2022 – Munich

As a student, I had little sense of time. I was only able to register for the intermediate examination because kind professors were still accepting assignments from courses that were two semesters in the past. I did my studies, but I still have trouble with my perception of time. That’s why I miss the chronological fixed points from my student days in Maxvorstadt a little. The beginning of the month was relatively easy to recognize back then. Anyone who saw a queue in front of the kiosks on the underground railway floors could assume: Today is the first of the month.

For a long time, customers of the Munich transport company (MVV) had to buy season tickets at the beginning of the month. The procedure was changed in 2013, since then there has been a flexible period of validity. This means that the ticket no longer has to be bought on the first day of the month, but is valid for a month – regardless of when it was purchased. At that time, the MVV also started with the mobile phone ticket. A service that has now almost completely replaced the ticket business from the kiosk window. Shops that sell subway tickets are now rare. In general: the entire landscape of kiosks in Munich’s underground is thinning out. At least 20 percent of the 160 subway kiosks are now empty. I have written down why this is so for you here. (SZ Plus)


“I now consciously say Moor heads” Günter Steinberg, landlord of the Wiesn tent at the Staatliche Hofbräuhaus, brags in a talk show about how little he cares about political correctness. The state government’s ex-integration commissioner is also sitting at the table. After much criticism, Steinberg apologizes and promises to improve.

Between intoxication and religion Sascha Ellinghaus travels as Oktoberfest pastor with the showmen across Germany. Always included: a portable altar and a mobile organ. But how do faith and excessive celebration go together?

“Visitors from Italy react differently to Italian uniforms” During the Wiesn, police officers from Italy, France and other countries help out with the German security authorities – as contacts for their compatriots, but also to fight crime. As a result, the first criminals have already been arrested.

God bless the marquee Pastor Sascha Ellinghaus baptizes children from showmen’s families at the Oktoberfest service in the Marstall tent and preaches joy.

Man sleeps off twice intoxicated by Wiesn paramedics The consequences of the unusually strong Oktoberfest beer were dire for a young man from San Francisco. But it seemed to taste too good for him.


“The regular route alone is not enough” For the first time since she was kicked out as Minister of Transport, Kerstin Schreyer spoke about the problems with the Munich S-Bahn. A conversation about the recent MVV tariff increases, Markus Söder and Schreyer’s chances in the upcoming state elections. (SZ Plus)

Plans for an “eyesore in Munich” A new quarter with apartments and businesses is to be built on a former gravel pit in the east of Munich. Before that, however, the contaminated soil must be removed – and that could be expensive.

City wants to buy Dawonia property for 30 million euros The price offered for the property from the portfolio of the former state GBW is 15 percent above the market value. However, it is still unclear whether the sellers will be satisfied with this.

Passerby pursues robbers and is beaten up After a robbery at an ATM, the perpetrator escapes. A suspected accomplice hits and kicks a pursuer.

“Finally we get this appreciation” At primary and secondary schools, there is great joy that in future all teachers will receive the same starting salary. However, the headmasters do not believe that the acute shortage of teachers can be remedied in the short term.



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