Jury, guest jurors and juror host Riccardo Simonetti on 9/22/22

In September, ZDFneo is launching a new show: “Glow Up” is looking for talented make-up artists. We introduce you to the jury, guest judges and host Riccardo Simonetti.

We have already introduced the candidates of “Glow Up”, the remaining participants in the make-up show “Glow Up” are still missing: we introduce the jury, guest jurors and host Riccardo Simonetti.

Who is on the “Glow Up” jury?

The two-person “Glow Up” jury: Armin Morbach and Loni Baur.

Photo: /Malorie Shmyr

The jury team for “Glow Up” consists of a duo: Armin Morbach and Loni Baur.

Loni Baur

“Glow Up” juror Loni Baur knows her way around make-up and is usually also at the hard end of the brush: She is a sought-after make-up artist who has already worked for the designers Chanel and Givenchy. Well-known personalities who sat on her makeup chair are Gigi Hadid, Lorde, Gisele Bundchen and Lenny Kravitz.

Loni Baur is a juror on “Glow Up” on ZDFneo.

Photo: ZDF, Juliette Mainx EYECANDY / service plan

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Armin Morbach

Armin Morbach is the second juror on “Glow Up”. He can be found in various areas of the beauty and lifestyle world: As a photographer, stylist and magazine editor, he has worked with international greats such as Madonna, Julia Roberts and Naomi Campbell.

Armin Morbach is a juror

Armin Morbach is a juror on “Glow Up” on ZDFneo.

Photo: ZDF, Juliette Mainx EYECANDY / service plan

Who are the “Glow Up” guest judges?

Eleven different guest judges will assist the permanent jury duo on “Glow Up” in their search for the next make-up great. We will introduce you briefly.


Among other things, the make-up artist developed the album cover for singer Björk and is known for her drag interpretations.

Franziska Knuppe

The German top model was discovered by Wolfgang Joop in the late 90s and lent her face to big brands such as Dior.

Naomi Jon

With around four million followers on TikTok, Naomi Jon has a wide audience to share her makeup looks with – compared to other content creators in this space, she is clearly at the top.

Damur Huang

In his fashion label, which has existed since 2015, he primarily publishes unisex collections that are intended to make it clear that fashion can also be gender-free.

miss fame

The drag queen is known to all drag fans at least since she took part in “RuPaul’s Drag Race”.

Conchita Wurst

The singer and drag artist represented Austria in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest and won.

Richard Redleefsen

His works could be admired in Hollywood blockbusters, including “Pirates of the Caribbean”: The make-up artist is a specialist in special effects.

Vanessa Davis

The make-up artist from London works primarily with special effects, wigs and full-face make-up.

Eve Padberg

Padberg is a German model who has graced the cover of many fashion magazines.

Christina Kempkes

Her organization “Pink Ribbon Germany”, which she co-founded, champions the importance of early breast cancer detection. Similar to the AIDS ribbon, there is a pink ribbon that serves as a symbol of recognition and an expression of solidarity.

Timothy Schaumburg

Schaumburg is considered a rising star in the photography business and is a sought-after newcomer.

Who is “Glow Up” host Riccardo Simonetti?

Riccardo Simonetti is the host of

Riccardo Simonetti is the host of “Glow Up” on ZDFneo.

Photo: ZDF, Juliette Mainx EYECANDY / service plan

“Glow Up” is hosted by entertainer and author Riccardo Simonetti. He has published several books including the MIRROR-Bestseller “Mom, I’m Gay”. He is involved in various organizations that fight exclusion and social clichés, such as “Youth against AIDS”, “DKMSlife” and “Unicef”. The broadcast dates of “Glow Up” are scheduled weekly.


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