Pop briefing: Mariah Carey wants to release unreleased rock album

Mariah Carey wants to release unreleased rock album

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You need to hear this

Death Cab for Cutie – «Asphalt Meadows»

The indie darlings of the noughties Death Cab for Cutie surprise on their tenth studio album “Asphalt Meadows” with guitars – the pieces win through the verve of the rock elements, even if the most distinctive instrument is of course still Ben Gibbard’s voice.

The Beths – «Expert in a Dying Field»

Speaking of indie rock: The Beths have so far passed me by. So that you don’t feel the same way, the third album by the New Zealand quartet is recommended. Snappy melodies meet lively details and sometimes extremely pop vocal harmonies.

Bonobo – «ATK»

There is not much to say about Bonobo’s music, it is always wonderful and always worth listening to. His current number “ATK” skillfully combines rich electro beats with organic wind sounds and vocal elements. The artistic clip is reminiscent of the fantastic video for “Star Guitar” by the Chemical Brothers from 2002. At the time, none other than Michel Gondry directed it. The McGloughlin brothers from Ireland are responsible for the short film for «ATK».

Asthma – «Arrival»

Behind the pseudonym Aasthma are the two Swedes Peder Mannerfelt and Pär Grindvik. They produce electronic dance music that effortlessly varies between big stadium techno and hypermodern club sounds. The debut album “Arrival” offers everything from direct four-quarter thumping to complex footwork beats to sensitive pieces with vocals – despite the constant changes in direction, it’s highly entertaining. By the way, there was a Swedish band that called an album that: It was Abba.

Fred Again – «Danielle (Smile on My Face)»

Likeable Brit Fred Again has announced his third album. “Actual Life 3 (January 1–September 9 2022)” continues the “Actual Life” series that started last year, and there is also continuity in the sound: “Danielle (Smile on My Face)” is based on a vocal sample from the American rapper 070 Shake and drives the listener on an electronic tour de force across the dance floor. 2022 continues to be a good year for dance music.

Herva – «Seez»

The electro producer Herva from Florence has been taking a tangible approach to his profession for the last few years: After he made it his business to manufacture the studio equipment he needed for music production himself, he immediately founded a company. As Audio Gear Obsession, he now also makes mixers and compressors. A fruit of this work is his second album “Seez”, an only apparently unpolished mixture of bleeps and glitches, which here and there reminds of the intricate electronica of Autechre or Aphex Twin. All in all, however, everything fits together and after a good half hour it ends in the redeeming final track «Lu».

Heard for you so you don’t have to

The Smashing Pumpkins – «Beguiled»

The following classification must be preceded by my relationship with the alternative rock veterans of the 90’s: I was something of a superfan. When “Mellon Collie” came out in 1995, I only listened to this album for weeks, preferably in the darkened youth room.

The musical banality of later records and the crude views of the quirky singer Billy Corgan interested me only marginally. Of course, I get pricked when a new album is advertised as being a sequel to Mellon Collie and the 2000 record Machina / The Machines of God.

“Atum” is a rock opera and will consist of 33 pieces in three acts, which will of course be released at different times. But the prelude “Beguiled” gives little hope. A dull hard rock rhythm (by the actually virtuoso drummer Jimmy Chamberlin) underlines the general uninspiredness that is musically and lyrically manifested here. How is that supposed to be bearable over 33 songs? Rather listen to the first three pieces of “Mellon Collie”, an outstanding arc of suspense in pop music history.

The Swiss window

Dana – «Future Daughters»
The Biel-based singer-songwriter Dana has released a number of singles in recent years, and now her debut album “Future Daughters” follows. You can hear chart-ready pop and intimate acoustic numbers that don’t get lost in arbitrariness. Also thanks to the strong message to the future daughters in the title track.

Müslüm – «Gugele»
The joker bard from Bern explains the story of creation 2.0: Google rules the «Chugel» and thus us too. Digital social criticism in the style of Berner – moderately original, but of course with charm (and melon).

that blooms

Mariah Carey seems to want to release an alternative rock album. These are recordings from the nineties, which were then locked away by their label in the poison cupboard. The record is called “Someone’s Ugly Daughter”, the band alias back then was Chick. There is no specific date – but who wouldn’t want to hear that?

The find of the week

Speaking of female artists poaching in foreign genres: did you know that Madonna used to do punk? There are recordings from the 1980s with the band The Breakfast Club, whose singer David Gilroy she was with at the time. The pop queen played drums and sang – her voice is unmistakable on the recordings. Dangerous Minds has the story.

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