Tragic accident: paramedic does not recognize dying daughter

A paramedic can no longer help the dying passenger in a serious car accident. She does not see that it is her own daughter.

A Canadian paramedic is in the middle of a terrible nightmare: When Jayme Erickson was called to a car accident a few days ago (November 15), a horrible sight awaited her: two young women were with her, according to “”. Car went off track on icy Alberta Highway road and crashed into the middle of an oncoming truck.

While the driver got off comparatively lightly and was able to get out of the destroyed car, the passenger was seriously injured and first had to be freed from the rubble.

Paramedic takes care of accident victims and does not know that it is her own daughter

Jayme Erickson quickly realized that the young woman was dying. The paramedic stayed with her for about half an hour until the teenager could be taken out of the vehicle and flown to the hospital in a rescue helicopter. With that, Jayme Erickson’s job was done, and when her shift was over, she drove home. That’s where the nightmare began: just a short time later, the police rang at her door.

“My own flesh and blood”: mother collapses

Officials told the shocked woman that her 17-year-old daughter, Montana, had died in a car accident. For Jayme Erickson, a world collapsed at that moment: “The seriously injured patient I had just treated was my own flesh and blood. My only child. My mini-me. My daughter Montana,” she wrote on Facebook . Due to the young woman’s serious injuries, she was unable to recognize her beloved daughter.

Canadian Paramedic Devastated After Daughter’s Accidental Death

For Jayme, the loss of her daughter is hard to put into words: “While I am grateful for the 17 years I had with her, I am shocked and amazed. What would you have become, my little girl? Who would you have been? She continues, adding, “I’m shaken. I’m broken. I’m missing a piece of myself. I have to pick up the pieces and I’m expected to move on.”

After organ donation: “Our little girl lives on through others”

Speaking to reporters in the Airdrie community, flanked by family and colleagues, Jayme Erickson spoke of her daughter: “She was a fighter. And she was beautiful,” she said. Even at the time of her death, she made a “last gift” to those in need: “She was able to donate her organs, and of her organs, two of the organs donated were life-saving,” her mother said.

She continued, “We are so happy that our little girl is alive through others and that she saved other people after this tragedy. We know that is what she would have wanted and we are so proud of her and will be her very, very much missed.”

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