Aldi north? Aldi south? Customer is upset about the price – and doesn’t want to understand the explanation

Aldi north? Aldi south? Customer is upset about the price – and doesn’t want to understand the explanation
Aldi north? Aldi south? Customer is upset about the price – and doesn’t want to understand the explanation
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Created: 11/24/2022 6:53 p.m

Of: Ines Baur


A customer is angry about the pricing of Aldi Nord and Süd. Because at a discounter, the identical decorative item costs three euros more. The discounter explained.

Munich – At Christmas, many people want their homes to be pretty, cozy and decorated. So did an Aldi customer who was enthusiastic about a Christmas elf figure. She bought these at Aldi Süd for 12.99 euros. However, the joy of the figurine was clouded by a look at the Aldi Nord advertising brochure.

Because there the Christmas figure was offered for only 9.99 euros. “I think it’s cheeky,” the customer then wrote on Facebook and published a photo with a brochure, proof of purchase and a figure. “Links yesterday Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd yesterday 12.99?”

Aldi customer is annoyed: different prices at Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd?

Aldi Süd responded to the customer promptly via Facebook. You can understand your anger, wrote an employee. However, she explained: “Even if we are friendly and sometimes place advertising together, we are two independent companies and so unfortunately the pricing can also differ.” The customer thinks that’s ok, but not really customer-friendly. She would like the two companies Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd to have uniform prices.

At this point, another user turns on. “But they are two different companies,” she tries to convey. “You’re not asking Nike and Adidas to have the same prices for sneakers.” This attempt at an explanation doesn’t really work either. The customer finds that the likelihood of confusion is higher with “Aldi and Aldi” than with Adidas and Nike. “Besides, they have very different shoes, don’t they? At Aldi, it’s the same items and manufacturers.”

Customers at Aldi Nord and Süd apparently pay different amounts for a Christmas figure. © Screenshot /

Almost the same name and different prices for identical products, that can be confusing. What the two have in common is that the discounters offer mega deals for Black Friday.

So it came to the separation of Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd

Aldi founders Theo and Karl Albrecht took over their parents’ grocery store in Essen in 1945. They expanded it into a retail chain. Ten years later it consisted of 100 stores. In 1961 they separated. Theo Albrecht took over the north, Karl Albrecht the south. The brothers, who spent their lives isolated from the public, remained silent about the reason.

There are several rumors about the division into Aldi Nord and Süd. Some say the brothers disagreed about selling cigarettes in the branches. Or that their different personalities ultimately led to the breakup. A company spokesman leads opposite simply “business reasons”.

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