Second aid convoy planned for Ukraine – vehicles urgently needed

Second aid convoy planned for Ukraine – vehicles urgently needed
Second aid convoy planned for Ukraine – vehicles urgently needed

Thanks to a generous donation, a total of 40 new children’s beds with mattresses, ten new baby beds and 15 shelves were delivered to the children’s orphanage in Stryna Oblast Lviv in the first convoy on January 13. The furniture was picked up by the Ukrainian partner organization by truck in Poland and handed over directly at the destination. “Our heartfelt thanks go to everyone who supported us so energetically with this short-term campaign,” says the happy Stefan Faulstich. “We are absolutely overwhelmed by the flood of letters, the willingness to help and the solidarity that we are currently experiencing,” said the organizers.

“Together with our friends from the People for People association, we turned a few screws and inspired many people to show solidarity with Ukraine. Another children’s home will soon be able to look forward to almost 30 children’s beds and 10 well-preserved baby beds,” reports Andreas Goerke from Fulda. But for both clubs, the work is only just beginning. Thanks to the support of the city of Fulda, premises on the Aschenberg can be used as a storage area and packing station. The premises are to be used three times a week as a “donation drop-off point” and as an information point. “With the storage space, we have completely different capacities to store donations in kind, to coordinate them and to involve people in the work on a voluntary basis,” says Frank Niemann from People for People, describing the new situation.

The organizers from People for People and Fulda are working flat out on the next aid convoy to Ukraine. An aid convoy is planned for February 12th. Those responsible hope that they will again drive the 1400 kilometers to Lviv with four fully packed vehicles. The organizers are asking Fulda companies, national companies and car dealerships for help. “We urgently need vehicles that are made available to us for the trip,” says Goerke and continues: “A vehicle from the car rental company costs us 1000 euros for the tour and many vehicles are not allowed to drive into the Ukraine. The whole thing is a difficult logistical task for us.”

The dream of the organizers is that there will be a company that will provide a vehicle free of charge. A vehicle is also urgently needed on site. Donations have to be picked up, bulk purchases are made from the donations, for example with baby food or hygiene items, and everything depends on vehicles. Hence the appeal of those responsible: “The people in Ukraine, especially the children, need our support more than ever.”

What will become of and what will happen to the donations made available? The organizers give a few examples of this.

Hygiene: With a donation of five euros, a child can wash itself and brush its teeth for a month.

Baby and child care: For a donation of ten euros, a child can be provided with diapers, oil and wound cream for almost a whole month.

Baby food: For a donation of 20 euros, a baby can be completely cared for for a week.

For larger donations, bedding, towels, washcloths, kitchen equipment (large pots for communal kitchens) and groceries can be purchased.

The daily pictures show how important solidarity with the people of Ukraine is. “We must and will align our solidarity work in the long term, even if the war in Ukraine is over, hopefully soon, the people and especially the children will continue to need our support,” concluded Stefan Faulstich and Frank Niemann.

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