Open the deadline to sign up for memory classrooms

Open the deadline to sign up for memory classrooms
Open the deadline to sign up for memory classrooms

Framed in the III Municipal Plan for the Elderly, the memory classroom program has different preventive activities to train and stimulate different mental functions, helping to maintain and improve memory.

Thus, in the mental stimulation and memory classrooms, the functioning of memory and of the different brain areas is made known and the appropriate strategies are exercised for its stimulation and, in this way, improve the performance of the brain and its repercussion in the memory.

These classrooms are completed with those of communication and language, in which language is mainly worked on as an irreplaceable tool for the development of memory and intelligence. Different weekly one-hour sessions will be held for small groups of twenty people. Specifically, there will be a total of twenty memory classrooms and four communication and language classrooms, which will mean facilitating more than five hundred seats.

This program, which is scheduled to start on October 17 and run until June 2023, is aimed at people over sixty years of age, who are registered in the capital. In relation to the deadline for submitting applications for all those interested in participating, it will remain open from today, September 1, until October 1.

For its part, on October 10 there will be a draw in which a number will be drawn from which the places will be assigned according to registration. Vacancies may be filled following the order of the draw through the reserve list and the list of users to whom the place and list corresponds will be displayed on the notice board of the City Council, in the different Social Action centers (CEAS) municipal offices and at the Jesús Jiménez Bustos Senior Center, starting on October 11.

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