Violent accident in Agronomy: he lost control, wore a bus stop and crashed into a tree

This was the clash in the Agronomy neighborhood

The driver of a car and his companion were injured this morning after being involved in a violent crash, in which they lost control of the vehicle and They hit part of the structure of a bus stop and then a tree. The event was recorded by a camera of the government of the City of Buenos Aires.

As confirmed by police sources Infobaethe amazing accident It happened almost at the corner of Beiró and Nazca avenues, after a gray Volkswagen Passat that was traveling at high speed made a bad maneuver and collided with the bus stop and the tree. According to what is observed in the video, which was also accessed by this medium, after the impact the vehicle ended up back on the road, with its front part completely destroyed.

In the images it is also seen that the Volkswagen Passat was also about to take a car that was passing in front of him. Regarding the structure of the bus stop damaged by the collision, the sequence shows that after the impact it flew a few meters over the sidewalk.

Medical personnel from the SAME emergency services were present at the scene, who attended the driver and his companion, 37 and 45 years old. As indicated, both suffered polytrauma and were referred to the Tornú hospital, without risk of life. Likewise, the breathalyzer test that was carried out on them yielded a negative result.

The investigation of the episode was left in the hands of the Fiscal Unit of Flagrancia Norte, in charge of the prosecutor Norberto Alejandro Brotto.

It was not the only crash registered in the last hours. A truck driver was injured this morning when the vehicle he was driving overturned on the Pan-American highway, at the height of the San Isidro district of Buenos Aires.

As reported by the agency Telamthe overturning occurred after 8 o’clock at kilometer 18.5 of the highway (former national route 9), from the hand that goes to the province, at the height of Fondo de la Legua, fin front of a major shopping center, when the driver of an Iveco truck lost control and overturned.

As a result of the accident, The truck driver sustained minor injuries due to multiple injuries.and had to be treated by personnel from an ambulance from the Ausol company.

For their part, personnel from the highway concession company and the Buenos Aires police were forced to make a diversion of part of the vehicles that circulated along the central trace of the highway, because the overturned truck obstructed at least three lanes. , which caused some delays in the area.

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