Welfare Pension: Beneficiaries without a card? This day they deliver payment for September

Welfare Pension: Beneficiaries without a card? This day they deliver payment for September
Welfare Pension: Beneficiaries without a card? This day they deliver payment for September

Written in NATION the 9/3/2022 10:05 a.m.

Much has been said about how you can process your card of the welfare pensionbut currently there are still those who receive their payment in cash.

That’s why, It is important that, if you still do not have your wellness cardknow what day you will receive your payment corresponding to September.

It should be remembered that there are two methods for the delivery of the Welfare Pension 2022by means of a deposit to your bank account and to the beneficiaries enrolled in the program who do not have a branch near their homes and still do not have a Banco del Bienestar card (Bansefi), they are given their support in cash through help desks.

In addition to the fact that, as of the last operation, the beneficiaries who collected at Telecomm windows are also incorporated into this form of payment.

In this new payment operation, older adults will be given a support of 3,850 pesos, corresponding to the two-month period of September and October, according to the date indicated by the authorities.

Although some could receive a higher amount if they have pending or retroactive.


Those older adults without a card, who are waiting to collect the next payment of the Welfare Pension 2022it has been reported that the date on which the delivery of the cash will begin is from the 11th of September.

So they should be attentive to the social networks of the Delegations of the Wellnesswhere the calendar and venues will be informed so that they receive their money corresponding to the fifth and penultimate two months of the year.

We must not forget that, according to the Operating Rules of the pension, older adults who live in indigenous, African-American or rural areas have priority to receive the 3,850 pesos in service tables.

for what will be in September when they are going to those locations to cover the delivery.

Also, all the beneficiaries without a card who will be given their payment in cash from the Welfare Pension 2022they must be attentive to the information provided by the nation’s servers, since they will be making telephone calls to the numbers registered during their registration, so that they can know the exact date and venue to come for their support.

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