Books from Amazon Spain: top of the most popular titles this day

Online stores like amazon they have become an ally of readers, facilitating and speeding up the purchase of books, especially for those who do not have so much time available to visit bookstores or libraries.

From alleviating sadness, helping to deal with anxiety, causing great emotions such as happiness, cultivating ourselves and making our imaginations fly, books create experiences and pleasures to those who enjoy reading and have made it a habit in their lives.

Self Help Titles, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comics, Comedy, Mystery, Thriller, Romance, Travel and more, literature has remained in the taste of the publicadapting to technological advances, because now it is possible to read not only in physical format, but through cell phones, tablets, computers, among other tools.

However, there is a problem: given the variety of titles and authors that appear every day around the world, it can be difficult to choose the next book to read, but in response to this, there are already rankings that make it easier for book lovers to decision.

below a list of best-selling books on Amazon Spain this Saturday September 3 and a few brief reviews:

1. If you want, you lower the moon (4You2)

Author: Luna Javierre

Number of pages: 184

“I asked no one as much to come back as I did.” I was very lost looking for something or someone to cure me, until I realized that person was me. He had a hard time finding me, so I had to introduce myself again. He hadn’t listened to me in so long that he had forgotten my voice. The one that I shut up so many times to listen to the rest. But once you learn what your tune is, there are no screams that silence you. Here you will see how I get lost, I stumble, I get up, I fall again, I learn and I keep walking. Like life, the moon and its phases. I hope that in these pages you will find a place where you will never feel alone again. And that you will finally learn that you are your most important project.

two. This pain is not mine. Identifies and resolves inherited family traumas (Psycho-emotion)

Author: Mark Wolynn

Number of pages: 288

DEPRESSION. ANXIETY. CHRONIC PAINS. PHOBIAS. OBSESSIVE THOUGHTS. Scientific evidence shows that trauma can be inherited. There is good evidence that many long-term or chronic problems may not stem from our immediate experiences or chemical imbalances in our brains, but from the lives of our parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents. Mark Wolynn, founder and director of the Family Constellations Institute (FCI) and a pioneer in the study of inherited family traumas, presents in “This Pain Is Not Mine” a transformative approach that makes it possible to solve chronic problems that have not been alleviated through traditional therapy, medications or other measures.

3. After December (Months by your side 2)

Author: Joana Marcus

Number of pages: 496

Four. How to make good things happen to you: Understand your brain, manage your emotions, improve your life (Out of collection)

Author: Marian Rojas Estape

Number of pages: 232

Uniting the scientific, psychological and human point of view, the author offers us a deep reflection, sprinkled with useful advice and with an eminently didactic vocation, about the application of our own capacities to the effort of procuring a full and happy existence: knowing and optimizing certain areas of the brain, setting goals and objectives in life, exercising will power, activating emotional intelligence, developing assertiveness, avoiding excessive self-criticism and self-demand, claiming the role of optimism…

5. Find your vitamin person (F. COLLECTION)

Author: Marian Rojas Estape

Number of pages: 328

Why are there people who make us suffer so much and others who generate confidence in us and whose mere presence comforts us? Why are there people who have a tendency to establish complicated and painful relationships? Do we love as we were loved? Is there a biochemical “something” behind trust, attachment, and love? How can we get it right when choosing a partner? We are designed to live as a family and in society, relate to each other and love each other. Our happiness will largely depend on our ability to maintain good relationships with those around us. Many of us today carry emotional wounds that prevent us from connecting in a healthy way with the environment. Find your vitamin person will help you understand the bond with your parents, your children, your partner, your friends and your co-workers while understanding your emotional history. Because when you understand yourself, you feel relieved. Dr. Marian Rojas Estapé brings you closer to attachment, childhood and love from a scientific, psychological and human point of view and talks about a fundamental hormone, oxytocin. A book that encourages you to find vitamin people, those who bring out the best in you, inspire you, support you and thereby improve your immune system.

6. School agenda week view 2022-2023 La Vecina Rubia (TANTANFAN)

Author: The Blonde Neighbor

Number of pages: 186

With more than 350,000 diaries sold in 5 years, La Vecina Rubia is the queen of Tantanfan diaries. And although she has become a consecrated writer, she does not miss her annual appointment with her fans and brings us a wonderful agenda decorated with plants and tropical prints, according to the latest fashion trends. A beautiful accessory, very practical and carefully thought out down to the last detail, packed with phrases 100% La Vecina Rubia. Characteristics: Format: 16.8 x 22.8 cm. Internal format: 16.5 x 22 cm. 186 pages. 8 pages of stickers. 1 page with post-it pads. Double pocket. Bookmark ruler. Closing rubber. Laminated tabs. Rounded corners. Hard cover. Wire-o.

7. Bach 1 mindset SB spa 2020

Author: Vv.Aa

Number of pages: 150

8. All About Us 4. Activity Book Pack – 9780194562256

Author: Kirstie Grainger

Number of pages: 9999

Ep 4 – All About Us 4 Wb Pack

9. Key to Baccalaureate 1. Students Book. 2 Edition (Key to Baccalaureate 2ed) – 9780194832564

Author: Patrick Howard

Number of pages: 199

Key 2nd edition 1 high school

10. Undefeated: Achieve More, Suffer Less: Mental training to achieve more and suffer less

Author: Marcos Vazquez

Number of pages: 186

The quality of your life largely depends on the quality of your mind. Unfortunately, we spend little time improving the quality of our thinking and it is not something that is taught in school. Consequently, we go through life without really understanding how to use our minds. We have in our head the most sophisticated organ in the universe, but we do not know how it works. Most people are unable to direct their mental power towards the goals they really want. They get distracted and frustrated. They are unable to overcome temptation and persevere in the face of adversity. They finally leave. Luckily, the mindset can be trained and that is precisely what this program will teach you. You will learn to think clearly, to act with determination and to resist with discipline. Any external change requires first an internal change. If you want to transform your body, you must start from within. A weak mind will never create a strong body. The Undefeated program will help you use your mind to improve your body, but it actually goes much further. It is not a simple guide to optimize daily habits, but rather aims to guide your own philosophy of life. The tools you will develop will help you with anything you want to accomplish. Life is always easier with clarity, determination, and discipline. Undefeated combines Stoic philosophy with modern psychology to help you face your problems and live by your own rules. Stoicism has become the most popular philosophy among athletes and entrepreneurs, and in this book you will understand why. Note: This version of Undefeated includes the book only, not the workbook. The notebook is available at

*Note: Some books may not have an author, page number or description because the platform does not provide it.

Spain and its readers

A stack of books. (Photo: Tom Hermans/unsplash)

According to Barometer of reading habits and purchase of bookspresented by the Ministry of Culture this year, 64.4% of Spaniards read books for leisure during 2021 and of them 52.7% did it weekly.

These figures are similar to those of 2020, the year in which there was a significant increase in both leisure book readers and frequent readers (64.0% and 52.7%, respectively). Regarding the number of Spaniards who read at least one book during 2021both for leisure and for work, reached 67.9% of the population.

These figures show that although activities outside the home have been recovering after the coronavirus pandemic, books as a way to escape confinement have increased reading habits in the country.

On the other hand, the Barometer reflected a decrease in the percentage of readers of books in digital format standing at 29.4% of the population, compared to 30.3% registered in 2020.

In addition, 12.3% of Spaniards read books in digital format through e-readers and 10.7% did it through the tablets. Reading on the computer reached 9.5% and the mobile registered an increase in the percentage of people who use this device to read books, which went from 6.2% to 7.3 percent.


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