Insecurity impacting flow of visitors on ‘bridge’ for ‘Memorial Day’: Canaco Tijuana

Insecurity impacting flow of visitors on ‘bridge’ for ‘Memorial Day’: Canaco Tijuana
Insecurity impacting flow of visitors on ‘bridge’ for ‘Memorial Day’: Canaco Tijuana

TIJUANA.- Derived from the recent criminal acts, the projections for the holiday weekend for “Memorial Day” are pessimistic, declared the president of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Canaco Servytur) Tijuana, Julin Palombo Saucedo.

“Generally, for the entire tourism sector it is productive and sales increase this holiday weekend in the American Union, but on this occasion the expectations are not very flattering regarding a possible increase in sales,” he said.

The projections are derived from the behavior that has been recorded, he explained, after the high-impact events that occurred over the weekend in Ensenada, which went around the world and are still circulating on Social Networks.

In 2022, the city received approximately 60,000 visitors during the United States holiday “bridge” also called “Memorial Day,” he said, according to official figures.

“It’s sad to say, but right now people not only on the other side of the border, but also on this side, we are afraid,” said the leader of the merchants.

He said that this week, even when the United States authorities announced that long lines of cars would be expected at the border crossing due to the end of Title 42, the opposite has happened and they were considerably reduced, after the events that occurred in San Vicente.

This Thursday, Canaco Tijuana participated in the meeting of the presidents of the different Chambers and Business Organizations that make up the Business Coordinating Council (CCE), with the State Governor, Marina del Pilar Vila Olmeda, and the senior security commanders of the three levels of Government, to raise the high concern of the prevailing situation.

Palombo Saucedo affirmed that there is still time to avoid violent scenarios such as those that Tijuana experienced between 2006 and 2010, which caused panic among the citizens, an exodus of businessmen to other states of the Country, and a severe economic crisis that had a slow recovery.

On behalf of the commerce sector, the authorities of the three levels of government were asked to take forceful actions to combat the insecurity that affects the daily lives of citizens and the development of the region.

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