Today is International Gamer Day! What do you think is the best game ever?

Today marks the International Gamer’s Day. And there is no doubt that the gaming segment is one of the most attractive in the technological world, especially for the entertainment and fun it provides for users, but also given the increasing offer of different titles and equipment, such as consoles, computers and smartphones, designed specifically for this activity.

So, we will leave a brief summary of the most important news this year in the gaming world and we also want you to tell us which are the best games of all time for you and which ones you are currently playing.


Today is International Gamer Day

This August 29th is celebrated the International Gamer's Day. According to information, this date was initially created in 2008 by some Spanish magazines dedicated to the gaming segment and who understood that it would be interesting to have a specific moment for gamers to celebrate their 'addiction'. And while there are some fears about addiction and consequences, one recent study found that playing video games doesn't seem to have an impact on mental health, and another indicates that gamers have improved brain activity and decision-making ability.

This year 2022 has also been filled with news and novelties in this sector, with the following highlights, in chronological order:

It was also widely talked about the inclusion of NFT technology ("Non-fungible Token" or "Non-fungible Token") in games, with some brands in favor and others against.

Regarding the impressive numbers revealed by some games, products and services, since the beginning of the year the following scenario has been verified:

The gaming segment also has several events, championships and live broadcasts that are followed by thousands of players around the world. And according to our recent weekly question, most people still prefer the Desktop computer for gaming.

So, as a way to mark this International Gamer Day, we want you to tell us which are the best games of all time for you and which ones you currently play. I, for example, have always been a fan of strategy, construction and adventure games, and I especially like some older titles like The Sims, CAESAR III, Age of Mythology, GTA, Unreal Tournament, among others.

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