These Dutch tennis players are in action at the US Open

These Dutch tennis players are in action at the US Open
These Dutch tennis players are in action at the US Open

Botic of the Sand Scallop

In recent years, Dutch tennis has had a number of talents who have worked their way up in the ATP Rankings. The highest placed player on the list is Botic van de Zandschulp. The 26-year-old tennis player took 22nd place earlier this month and has therefore received a high ranking from the organization of the US Open. Van de Zandschulp starts the tournament as a player classified 21st.

That is a big difference from last year. At that time, the Veenendaler was not yet qualified for the tournament, but he was allowed to participate in the qualification. In this way he conquered a spot for the main tournament, where he impressively reached the quarterfinals. Van de Zandschulp therefore has a reputation to live up to at the US Open.

Tallon Greek Railway

The second Dutchman to play at the US Open is Tallon groenpoor. The Haarlemmer is currently in 46th place in the ATP world ranking and has been achieving good results lately, but is being snowed in a bit by Van de Zandschulp and Tim van Rijthoven. For example, Greek track was defeated by Van de Zandschulp at the last preparation tournament for the US Open in Winston-Salem.

Greek track will therefore want to perform well at the Grand Slam tournament to throw itself into the spotlight. Before that, he will first have to deal with Federico Coria in the first round on Tuesday. The Argentine is currently 78th in the ranking.

Tim van Rijthoven

One of the biggest Dutch sensations at the moment is Tim van Rijthoven. The young talent managed to surprise everyone this year by winning the tournament in Rosmalen against Daniil Medvedev, the number one in the world. Since then he has also done good business at Wimbledon, where Novak Djokovic had to come in handy to eliminate Van Rijthoven.

Since then, the Netherlands has only suffered from a back injury and has lost quite a few positions in the ATP Rankings. Fortunately, the draws for the US Open were already earlier and due to a cancellation he immediately qualified for the Grand Slam tournament. It seems that he is no longer bothered by his injury, which means that a nice classification is possible again for Van Rijthoven.

Gijs Brouwer

A surprising name on the list of participants at the US Open is Gijs Brouwer. The Dutchman is currently in place 181 in the ranking and therefore did not receive a direct placement for the tournament. He only managed to secure a spot at the US Open via three qualifying rounds.

With this, a boyhood dream has come true for Brouwer, he tells the AD. The 26-year-old tennis player has only played one ATP tournament before, so the Dutchman will play without expectations. This may have enabled Brouwer to secretly provide a surprise at the US Open.

Arantxa Rus

Although the men start the tournament with four players, it is a lot less on the women’s side. Only Arantxa Rus is on the list of Dutch women at the US Open. Around 2011, she had good results in her youth and early years of her career as an adult player, but has since fallen back considerably.

Lately, Rus has managed to work herself up and has secured a spot in the Top 100 of the ATP Rankings. She is currently 75th in the rankings and is therefore directly qualified for the US Open. There she immediately meets a strong opponent with home advantage, namely the American Shelby Rogers.

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