With the increase in age and the arrival of doses, health centers receive children for vaccination against Covid

With the increase in age and the arrival of doses, health centers receive children for vaccination against Covid
With the increase in age and the arrival of doses, health centers receive children for vaccination against Covid

After the expansion of the age group for vaccination against Covid-19, parents and guardians of children aged six months to two years sought immunization posts to apply the first dose. THE PEOPLE he was at the Health Center Irmã Hercília Aragão (São João do Tauape neighborhood) and at Shopping Iguatemi. At the posts visited, there was a constant number of parents looking for immunization for their children. To speed up the vaccination process, those responsible can register children on the Vacine Já portal.

It is worth remembering that, this Thursday, the 24th, exceptionally, the vaccination centers will operate from 9am to 3pm. The early closure happens due to the game of the Brazilian soccer team in the World Cup. The service occurs according to the maximum daily capacity of each vaccination center. In malls, the use of masks is recommended, and in health posts, use is mandatory.

The care of children and adolescents, from 6 months to over 18 years of age, who have not yet taken any dose, and who live in Fortaleza, can be done at the Iguatemi, RioMar Fortaleza, RioMar Kennedy malls and at the health centers marked in bold in the list from this link.

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As soon as the vaccination point in Iguatemi opened at 9am, Ernando Souza, 50, took his daughter Isabela, 2, to get vaccinated. “She’s going to have her first dose of Pfizer Baby. As soon as she released us, we came running to vaccinate her. We are concerned about our daughter’s health. We saw the result of not vaccinating. Also, we haven’t put her in day care yet, because we’re afraid she’ll be exposed without an immunization coverage.”

Also at the unit was Daivyla Thaís, 25, mother of Gabriel Tavares, 2. “We are very scared these days, because cases among children are being discharged. I found out yesterday that they were vaccinating children in that age group, so I came running to vaccinate him”, says Daivyla. Asked about the name for identification, the little one said: “My name is Spider-Man.”

Vaccination for 3 and 4 years

Fortaleza received, last Wednesday, 23, 3,180 doses of children’s Coronavac, intended for the application of three and four year olds. The immunizer stock in the Capital had been zeroed for two days. According to the Municipal Health Secretariat (SMS), there was no impact on the advancement of vaccination. The health post located in São João do Tauape also recorded movement of parents and children in the search for vaccination against Covid-19.

Raimundo Araújo, 48, lives in Messejana and took his daughter Melissa Araújo, 3, for the application of the immunizer. He said he had initial difficulty finding a post that was offering immunization for his daughter’s age group. “It is important to vaccinate, because now cases are increasing. I already paid for the test for her to do and everything is normal, there is nothing. I walked to several locations but wasn’t having it for her. Then they informed me that there was one (Sister Hercília station).”

Necessary documents

Adults and teenagers: original identity documents (with photo), CPF, National Health Card (CNS) and updated proof of residence. In the case of a second dose, also take the vaccination card. Teenagers who do not have an ID can bring their birth certificate along with a document with a photo, which can be a single ticket or a student card.

Immunosuppressed: must bring documentation proving immunosuppression.

Children: present the National Health Card (CNS) number and the child’s official identification document, which can be a birth certificate, identity card or passport. It will also be necessary to present updated proof of residence and an original document with a photo of the person responsible for the child at the time of application.

child registration

The register will be available in Digital Health, from the State Health Department (Sesa), since July 15th. The stage is mandatory for immunization in Fortaleza. During registration, it is mandatory to present the number of the National Health Card (CNS). This can be verified at ConectaSUS, in the Mais Saúde application, or through the health plan card, if the child has one.

If the child does not have any record of the national card, he can go to one of the 116 health posts for issuing it, taking official identification document and proof of residence of the parents or guardians.

Step by step to register in Digital Health

To register, you must inform personal data such as full name, CPF, date of birth and contact telephone, among others. It is necessary to correctly fill in the data and it is essential to check the confirmation email for the process to be effectively completed.

  1. Visit the Covid Vaccination website
  2. Select the option “I don’t have an account yet”
  3. Identify yourself by correctly filling in your data
  4. At this stage of the registration, it must be informed whether the person is bedridden
  5. Confirm your data and create a password to access the registration
  6. Check the confirmation email
  7. Complete the registration

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