Lawyer who reported harassment is assaulted and threatened with

“He came back saying, for now I’m warning you, then I’m going to kill you.” In the report of the lawyer Janaíra Ramos, this is what happened when the aggressor, Rodrigo Tondelo, arrived at her office and, when the victim left the place, began to chase her in the street. The episode took place this Wednesday (23) in Casca, in the north of Rio Grande do Sul, a municipality 227 kilometers from Porto Alegre, the region where Jair Bolsonaro won the presidential election by a wide margin.

In early November, Janaíra denounced nationally in a live on Instagram by lawyer Táki Cordás that traders who, supposedly, would have voted for Lula, were being harassed by Bolsonaristas dissatisfied with the electoral defeat. Janaíra reported that the most excited voters of the loser in the election were proposing the identification of commercial establishments that would be linked to supporters of the victorious candidate with a sticker depicting a red star, a symbol of the Workers’ Party. A proposal that goes back to what happened during Nazism, when Jewish stores were marked with the Star of David.

Intercom in the office of lawyer Janaíra Ramos, vandalized in early November / Photo: Janaíra Ramos

“Then I will kill you”

To Brasil de Fato RS, Janaíra reported in detail the violence suffered. She said that she was assisting a colleague in a videoconference when someone activated the office intercom. She was alone. “It was a tall man, social pants, shirt. He called and I opened the gate. I didn’t see who it was. I let it in. He stayed at reception. I didn’t recognize that person. It was my mistake,” she recalled.

When the videoconference ended, Janaíra went to see what the man wanted. “I asked who he was. He said he was Rodrigo Tondelo. I told him to leave because if not he would call the police”. She recalled that he was a person who was involved in anti-democratic acts. He said, “You will listen to me.” And she said no. “I left my room, got on the intercom, opened the gate, and said then I’m leaving”, she recalls.

The lawyer left and the man chased her recording the scene. “He came back saying ‘For now, I’m warning you. Then I will kill you”. After she opened the gate to leave and let the man out, she received a slap. With the impact, she ended up unbalancing and scratching her arm.

The attacker confessed to the police

Janaíra was rescued by a neighbor. As she crossed the street, she said that Tondelo followed her saying he was going to kill her and calling her a “whore, whore, petezada”. And she promised: “I will start with you to liquidate the PT here”. Then, she kicked him.

Called, the Military Brigade did not attend. But the Civil Police were triggered taking her to the hospital. Afterwards, she filed the police report.

In the afternoon and evening, the aggressor would have continued to walk around the office. In the lawyer’s testimony, Tondelo would have posted on social media that she would be lying. That it was just a kick in the ass and a pat to get her out of town. “I’m terrified. You don’t know what these people can do. It’s unreal. Now he says I’m lying. Who leaves an office with a computer, process, money and goes out on the street in despair? You do it because you are suffering some aggression, some reason.”

According to her, Tondelo would have arrived before the police and given his version of the episode. Deputy Cristiano de Bone said that the suspect presented himself at the police station confessing to the aggression and was released. The investigation works with the hypothesis of bodily injury.

“He claimed that he went to take satisfaction about things that she would have said about him. He said that he ended up exceeding himself and kicking her. He reported it himself”, reported the delegate.

“Took a photo of the license and exposed it on the net”

Janaíra told the police that she never had a previous disagreement with Tondelo and that she continues to feel threatened. “I did the corpus delicti, I sent the images from the office camera, everything I had. He took a picture of my license, exposed it on the net. Today I am at home because I think he can do something.”

“It’s very small here, we need to work, but it’s quite risky. In fact this guy is the bull of piranha. There are people behind him. I don’t understand the minds of these people. How am I lying if he went to the police and said he hit me?”

Janaíra observed that, at the beginning of the month, the intercom had already been broken and now the aggression has come. “It’s irrational, he was recording. Of course, he recorded what interested him, because when he was beating me, he didn’t record. They cancel us. Then evangelicals, because he is evangelical, entered my network saying ‘You liar, you cow, defender of bandits’.

The lawyer says she doesn’t know where to look for strength. “I’m actually afraid, but I have to work. He attacks in a network, puts your word in doubt, you have to live proving that they are doing that. The gender issue is strong for these people, they are misogynists. He liquidates me, brings me in as a liar, a fake, so he can pass me off as a victim.”

Janaíra believes that by strengthening the institutions, with the support of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Rights Councils, the Bar Association, these attacks can be stopped. “They are very perverse, we have to fight with rigor. You can’t be cowed, if I’m afraid at that moment they will liquidate me.”

It has a support network formed by lawyers, such as doctors Júlio Ramos, Mauritânia Dallagnol, among others, as well as the State Council for Human Rights and parliamentarians from Rio Grande do Sul such as Maria do Rosário (PT), Paulo Pimenta (PT) and

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