Nadine Al-Rassi collapsed during the funeral of her brother George (video)

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August 29, 2022 12:09 GMT

Update date: August 29, 2022 12:15 GMT

The Lebanese singer, Nadine Al-Rassi, went into a state of collapse, before the funeral of her brother, George Al-Rassi, who died in a terrible traffic accident, when she heard the song “My Heart Died” in the voice of her late brother George.

Today, Monday, the funeral mass for the late Lebanese artist, George Al-Rassi, began at the Church of Saints Sargius and Bacchus Al-Monsef in the city of Byblos in Mount Lebanon Governorate.

The surroundings of the church witnessed, during the exit of the body to its final resting place, a state of screaming and crying from the family and friends of George Al-Rassi, while others threw flowers at him during his transfer to the dead car.

The Lebanese artist, Wael Jassar, was keen to attend the funeral ceremony, as he appeared in a video clip circulating as he embraced Nadine Al-Rassi, George’s sister, in an attempt to calm her upon his arrival at the church.

The Lebanese singer Ward Al-Khal and writer Claudia Marchelian also attended, as they appeared next to Nadine inside the church before the start of the mass and praying over the body.

The funeral ceremony also witnessed the presence of artists Ragheb Alama, Maguy Bou Ghosn, and others.

The family of the late George Al-Rassi is scheduled to complete the reception of mourners, today, Monday, after the completion of the funeral ceremony for the body, provided that the condolences will continue at the Church of Saints Sargius and Bacchus in the city of Monsef, which began on Sunday in the same church.

The artist, George Al-Rassi, died at the age of 39, in a terrible traffic accident, at the Syrian-Lebanese border, while returning from a concert he performed on Friday in Syria.

The accident occurred in the early hours of Saturday morning, at the Masnaa border point with Syria, where it collided with a cement break on the road, and was accompanied by his work coordinator, Zina Al-Mara’bi, whose body was buried on Sunday noon.

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