The Ministry of Interior raids a TV station to decode satellite channels and broadcast unauthorized films | photo

The Works Investigations dealt a heavy blow to the broadcasters of unlicensed satellite channels, which broadcast unauthorized censorship films and series, when they raided the headquarters of a television broadcasting station without a license, and succeeded in arresting those accused of running it, in implementation of the directives of Major General Mahmoud Tawfiq, the Minister of Interior, to pursue And arrest the outlaws.

Information was confirmed by the investigations of the General Administration of Works Investigation and Protection of Intellectual Property Rights, under the supervision of Major General Ghaleb Mustafa, Assistant Minister of Interior for the Specialized Police Sector, that two people established a wireless television broadcasting station without a license to broadcast pirated and unauthorized content, covering the governorates of “Cairo, Giza and Qalyubia.” By receiving encrypted satellite channels, re-broadcasting them after decoding them and re-encoding them with their own code, and creating a group of their own channels that broadcast pirated films and series, including those that are not authorized by supervision, in exchange for large sums of money collected through electronic wallets.

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The investigations added that the defendants established a digital network to broadcast pirated works through the Internet to their clients around the world, and traded equipment to break the code of satellite channels that were not authorized to be traded in the Egyptian market through two shops owned by the accused in violation of the laws, as the number of subscribers inside and outside the country reached about 210 thousand. subscriber .

After codifying the procedures, and in coordination with the Public Security and National Security sectors, and the Cairo and Giza security directorates, the network headquarters, relay stations and shops selling code-breaking devices and tools were targeted, and the forces managed to arrest 4 people: network owner, network partner, network technical director, manager Shop”.

By inspecting the headquarters in their presence, the components of the wireless and digital network, relay stations and shops were seized as follows: “158 electronic devices used to receive the signal, decode it, store pirated content, broadcast over the Internet, re-encrypt, transmit the signal to network subscribers, supplies, tools and the number used, 2 phones.” A mobile phone used in managing networks and stores and receiving remittances, a sum of money (local and foreign currencies), from the proceeds of their criminal activity.

Confronting the accused with the results of the arrest and search, they admitted that they had committed these violations with the intent of making a financial profit.

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