An upcoming match between the world squash champions in the Egyptian International Championship

An upcoming match between the world squash champions in the Egyptian International Championship
An upcoming match between the world squash champions in the Egyptian International Championship

The draw for the 2022 Egyptian International Open Platinum Squash Championship for men and women resulted in strong confrontations, during the tournament, which will be held from September 19 to 25, where the first rounds will be held in the courts of a private club, and the rest of the main confrontations will be completed in the glass court at the foot of the pyramids.

The Egyptian player, Nouran Gohar, avoided participating in the first round of the tournament, along with Nour El-Sherbiny, Salma Hani, Farida Mohamed, Rawan El-Araby, Nour El-Tayeb and Hania El-Hamami.

Tinny Gillis and Nellie Gillis from Belgium, Georgina Kennedy and Sarah Perry from England and Tizney Evans from Wales, along with Olivia Fisher and Amanda Sobhi from America, Julie King from New Zealand and Joshna Shinaba from India.

An Egyptian expected clash takes place in the first round of the championship between Maryam Metwally and Sana Ibrahim, as well as another Egyptian clash between Hana Ramadan and Yathrib Adel, next to the confrontation between Jana Shiha and Zina Makkawi.

The Egyptian Nour Heikal will meet with the Malaysian Rachel Arnold, the Egyptian Nadine Shaheen will play against the Spanish Christina Gomez, and the Egyptian Amina Orfi will meet with the American Sabrina Sobhi.

The Scotsman Lisa Aitken will also play with the French Marie Stephan, the French Melissa Alves will meet the Finnish Emila Sweeney, the Canadian duo Nicoli Bunyan will meet with Holly Knighton, and the Latvian Inita Makevika will meet the Malaysian Eva Azman.

France’s Enora Villard will play against Tomato Ho from Hong Kong, Welshman Emily Whitelock will play with Englishman Giuliani Corteke, American Olivia Klein will meet against Switzerland’s Kennedy Merlo, Czech Anna Serme will play against South African Alexander Fuller, and Englishman will play Loki Tormel against Hong Kong’s Ka Yi Lei. England’s Gracie Gere . Jasmine Heaton.

As for the men’s competitions, Al-Masry Ali Farag was exempted from entering the first round, along with Mustafa Assal, Tariq Momen, Mazen Hisham, Youssef Ibrahim, Faris Al-Desouki, Marwan Al-Shorbagy and Youssef Suleiman from Egypt as well.

The German Raphael Kandra, the French duo Gregory Marchet and Victor Corinne, the Swiss Nicholas Miller, the Peruvian Diego Elias, the Welshman Joel McCain, the Englishman Mohamed El Shorbagy and the New Zealander Paul Cole were exempted.

The Egyptian duo Mazen Gamal and Mustafa Al-Sirti collide, the Egyptian Omar Massad will play against the American Faraz Khan, the Egyptian Karim Al-Turki will meet his English rival Patrick Rooney, and the Egyptian Zahid Salem will play with the Indian Ramit Tandon.

The Egyptian Mohamed El-Sherbiny will play against the Swiss Dimitri Steinman, the Egyptian Karim Al-Hamami will play against the Englishman Declan James, the Egyptian Yahya Al-Nusani will play against the French Lucas Sermi, and Omar Sobhi will meet with the American Changan Khan.

The Malaysian duo, Ivan Yun and Yoon Ng, will meet, as is a French clash between Auguste Desward and Mathieu Castanet, the Spanish Borja Golan will play with the American Declan Harity, and the Qatari Abdullah Al-Tamimi will meet his Mexican rival Lionel Cardenas.

The Scotsman Greg Le Pen will play against the Pakistani Tayeb Islam, and Henry Leung from Hong Kong will play with the Spaniard Ekri Bagares, and the French will meet Baptiste Masotti against the Spaniard Bernat Haume.

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