Amir Mortada: There is no penalty clause in Zizou’s contract

Amir Mortada: There is no penalty clause in Zizou’s contract
Amir Mortada: There is no penalty clause in Zizou’s contract

Ibrahim Ali

Saturday 3 September 2022

10:51 AM

Amir Mortada, the football supervisor at Club, confirmed that there is no penalty clause in the new contract for Ahmed Sayed “Zizou”, the team’s player, noting that the white club bought Ibrahim Naday for 850 thousand euros.

Mortada Mansour, chairman of the Zamalek club, announced the renewal of Ahmed Sayed “Zizou”, the white team’s top scorer, for three seasons.

Amir Mortada said in statements to “Al-Zamalek” channel: “We promised people that we would work on all files and that we would solve the problems, and we were able to solve 90% of the problems we had, from issues and player contracts that expire and stop the registration and administrative and financial problems, and we were finally able to crown the league and the cup.” “.

He added, “We are trying to preserve the team’s players. I am happy with Zizou’s level, a project that I am more than happy with than his father, and it deserves the position it has reached.”

Amir Mortada continued, “We will keep Zizou on a contract for 3 years without a penalty clause, and I thank Counselor Mortada Mansour for the powers he gives me, and provides everything for us.”

He continued: “I thank Zizou and his desire was to be in Zamalek, and he had several offers, but he was associated with Zamalek and we are also linked to him.”

And he continued: “I thank the Zamalek fans for their awareness and support for us, and we will not do public deals, but we will make deals that we need, and anyone who comes to us will support us.”

He added, “If we need to conclude mass deals, it is better than the players who won the league and the cup, and they are the stars of Zamalek club, and we will not go behind the pages that question Ferrera’s requests.”

And Amir Mortada added: “Ibrahim Naday is not a free player, and we bought him from the Swiss Lucerne for 850 thousand euros, and I cannot understand the campaign directed against the players who have not yet announced their contract.”

He continued: “Ferrera works with us on all the details, and I would like to reassure the fans, you have strong management and a strong coach, and you have star players and champions.”

And the supervisor of the ball at Zamalek club concluded: “I must see the requests of the coach and fulfill them, and justice and order are the ones who brought the league.”

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