An unprecedented winter awaits British families – midfield news |

An unprecedented winter awaits British families – midfield news |
An unprecedented winter awaits British families – midfield news |

Unless the government acts quickly: An unprecedented winter awaits British families. This warning came from the founder of the “Ovo Energy” company in the United Kingdom, Stephen Fitzpatrick,

Fitzpatrick called for “very bold” action to help protect families from the worst price hikes.

Millions of people are expected to see their energy bills rise from £1971 to £3,549 a year starting in October, and likely to rise even more during the winter.

An unprecedented winter awaits British families

“If we don’t use every available moment over the next 12 weeks to solve this problem, we will have an unprecedented winter with people going hungry and catching cold and the NHS under the weight of the health implications,” Fitzpatrick said.

He also warned that the country could face “years of price hikes”.

Outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said Britain must “go nuclear” as he announced £700m government funding to go ahead with the Sizewell C nuclear power plant project in Suffolk, with a final cost of £20-30bn. .

Immediately, Treasury Secretary Nadim al-Zahawi stated that no household should be cut off from energy supplies due to the crisis, which is largely blamed on Russia’s cut in gas flows to Europe, in response to the latter’s support for Ukraine in the Russian military operation.

Meanwhile, an additional 40,000 rail workers in Britain are due to go on strike later this month, as unions escalate the dispute over wages and proposed reforms in the sector.

The National Union of Workers in the Field of Railways, Navigation and Transport stated that workers affiliated with the union will organize a strike in 14 railway companies on 15 and 17 September.

The National Union workers will join the train drivers of the Asleef trade union, which on Wednesday announced a strike on September 15, including on surface public transport in London. And the agency “Bloomberg” quoted the Federation’s Secretary-General, Mike Lynch, as saying that “the campaign he is carrying out will continue as long as necessary.”

Rail workers are demanding a significant increase in wages after inflation in Britain rose by more than 10 percent, and economic analysts expect inflation to reach 22 percent next year.

In addition to the immediate cost issues, the British food industry has warned of diminishing carbon dioxide supplies, not because CF Industries Holdings is ready to shut down its UK plant, but because another major producer is about to shut down for maintenance.

CF Fertilizer, which supplies about 42 percent of Britain’s carbon dioxide, said last week it would temporarily halt ammonia production due to rising natural gas prices.

According to Bloomberg, Insys, the country’s second-largest supplier of carbon dioxide, plans to halt production for a few weeks this September for annual maintenance. We are “increasingly concerned about the CO2 supply during the fall, and about potential consequences for the UK food and beverage supply chain,” said Kate Halliwell, the Food and Drink Association’s scientific director.

She said maintenance operations at Insis could leave food and beverage producers dependent on imports from Europe, “which is itself unstable.” It is noteworthy that carbon dioxide has many uses, including in meat canning, infant meals, fresh foods and baked goods, as it keeps food fresh during transportation, and in stimulating the growth of plants in greenhouses and anesthetizing animals such as chickens and pigs before slaughtering them.

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