Saudi National Day flight offers 1444

If you are waiting for a day off to get some rest in the midst of the daily routine and endless work, here are the strongest flight offers for Saudi National Day 1444, which is celebrated on the 23rd of September every year, and the holiday is comprehensive on this day and more, so You can take advantage of this year’s flight offers and travel anywhere you want at fantastic prices.

Saudi National Day flight discounts 1444

Saudi Arabian Airlines announced its participation in the Saudi National Day 1444 offers by presenting an unparalleled set of offers, including the following:

  • The company offers the price of domestic tickets for only 99 Saudi riyals, bearing in mind that this price does not include value-added tax for economy class tickets.
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines offers the ability to book a flight to Jeddah with a 30% discount.
  • It also provided special offers on airline tickets for international travel from Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam from September 18 to September 23.
National Day Offers 92

Saudi Airlines offers on the occasion of the National Day

Here are the best flight offers for Saudi National Day:

  • A flight to Istanbul from Riyadh at a fantastic price of 1574 Saudi riyals.
  • The company offers a trip to London from Riyadh at a price of 1845 Saudi riyals only.
  • You can also spend a wonderful vacation in the Netherlands at the price of 1996 SAR for a ticket on the 23/9, and the return date is on the 26/9/2022.
  • There is a discount on a flight ticket from Jeddah to Dubai at a great price of 1041 Saudi riyals for one ticket.
  • In addition to the offers of flights to Baku from Riyadh, at a price of 1505 Saudi riyals for a ticket.

Adele Airlines offers National Day 92

flyadeal also offers exclusive offers on its flights on the occasion of the Saudi National Day 1444, including the following:

  • The price of an international flight ticket from Dammam Airport to Cairo is only 339 Saudi riyals.
  • There is also an exclusive offer on the price of the flight to Dubai, where the cost of one ticket is 399 Saudi riyals.
  • As for the flight ticket to Kuwait, it comes at a price of 249 Saudi riyals on National Day.

Thus, in this article, we have explained to you the best flight offers on the occasion of the 92nd Saudi National Day.

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